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Thursday, December 30, 2004
back from hiatus...
...yes, i did take a brief hiatus, but now I'M BACK!!

let us begin with a retelling of my journey to atlanta and was not pretty.

it all started on Christmas Eve (for the record...i will NEVER be flying on christmas eve again...) at about 5:00 AM when i got to the airport. i stood in line at the US air ticket counter...and by 7:00, i kind of realized that since i'd only moved 6 feet in the line in 2 hours, i was not going to be making my 7:15 flight to Charlotte.

well, they called my flight and about 90 people raced to the front to get checked in. then i ran to the gate, only to realize they weren't even boarding yet. once they did begin boarding, they stopped for about 10 minutes, and then people started getting off the plane.

what gives, you ask? well...i'll tell you. the airline switched planes for this flight...from a 25 row plane to a 21 row. but, they forgot to mention this tiny little detail, so they gave our tickets for those last few rows and boarded the people. so, they had to take those people off the plane, and get all those people to identify their luggage that was already put on the airplane.

to make matters worse, even though i was safe from this in seat 10A, they had also booked another woman in 10A - a mother who was traveling with her family on a cruise. i knew they were going to try to bully me off the plane, but i stood my ground. i didn't want to ruin their vacation, but i had to look out for myself as well. in the end, we both got to stay on the plane.

i did miss my connection in Charlotte (and ...btw...i wlll never be flying anything other than direct in the future) and had to figure out how to get myself on a plane from Charlotte to Atlanta. Thank goodness for the supercute pilot who was able to help me out.

sheesh. then, when i finally got to atlanta....duh duh duh luggage was lost. hooray. let's add fuel to the fire...

anyway, i eventually got my luggage, and got to my dads house, and had a really great vacation...but what a way to begin in...

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