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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
You must see the movie Crash.
that is all.
i may be done blogging the amazing race...
sadly, this show is just so over for me.
well, at least until they go back to normal. this season was so bad.

one good line last night: "It took me all of three strokes" "Yep, same as in bed." love, love, love the linz family.

instead, i watched the biggest loser last night. wow. that's just about all i can say. wow.

i guess i wasn't at all surprised that Matt won. he lost a crapload of weight. but, man, his ears....ew. cauliflower-ific. but, i'm happy for him. and happy that he's been sober for 9 months. that's pretty amazing. and i didn't like his friends. they were so obnoxious. toasting to the Biggest Loser or the biggest crybaby? harsh.

poor Seth is going to need some serious surgery to get rid of all the excess skin. i'm sure many of them will need it as well. definitely dr. jeff.

and poor girl-who-got-booted-in-week-2. only losing 16 pounds? that's almost embarrassing.

i'm really impressed with this show. can't wait for the next one.
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Everyone else is doing it...
things i am thankful for:

~my children. they are amazing.
~my family. even though everyone has his or her crazy quirks, i'm lucky to have and be a part of a family.
~my husband. he watched the two kids so i could go away on vacation. i can't imagine many husbands who would do that. (or rearrange the furniture in the bedroom and buy a new amazing tv to surprise their wives...)
~my friends. you know who you are.
~my DVR. i don't think i could live without it.
~maternity leave. even without pay.
~my hair. i've got really good hair.
~peanut butter cap'n crunch. my god, i'm so addicted.
~nonfat, one-splenda lattes. and that starbucks is only a few blocks away.
~my weekly dosage of Grey's Anatomy.
~my nanny. even though sometimes she annoys the hell out of me, she has really made this having 3 kids things much, much easier on me.
~freelance work.
~the fact that my grandmother still remembers who i am. i fear that fairly soon she may not.

i saw this today. thought it was quite telling.

How Blessed Are You?
If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look something like the following:
57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 from the Western Hemisphere, both north and south
8 would be Africans
52 would be female
48 would be male
70 would be non-white
30 would be white
70 would be non-Christian
30 would be Christian
89 would be heterosexual
11 would be homosexual
6 people would possess 59% of the entire world's wealth and all 6 would be from the United States.
80 would live in substandard housing
70 would be unable to read
50 would suffer from malnutrition
1 would be near death
1 would be near birth
1 would have a college education
1 would own a computer

When one considers our world from such a compressed perspective, the need for both acceptance, understanding and education becomes glaringly apparent. And, therefore . . .

If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep ... you are richer than 75% of this world.

If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace ... you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week. -If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of are ahead of 500 million people in the world.

If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.

If you can hold someone's hand, hug them, or even touch them on the are blessed because you can offer a healing touch.
the one with Booger drinking from the toilet...
~~ I love George. and not just because he quotes Silence of the Lambs in almost every single episode...

~~I hope Izzie kicks the crap out of Alex. i can't believe him. i could handle...although i am getting kinda bored...his medical oopsies, but cheating on Izzie?? now way, man. not acceptable. i hate him this week.

~~not much bailey this week, but you gotta love the "don't make me chase you! I'm growing a person here!" woohoo. i'm officially cool. well, maybe cooler, since mine are pink

~~ha! Meredith wavering over giving Burke an enema. ew.

~~McDreamy is an ass. again.
Monday, November 28, 2005
ah...serenity now...
the sweet taste of victory.
isabella slept last night.
from 7pm until 6 am, ate and then went back to sleep until 8:30.

here's the thing. she slept in her i know it's not the best thing for her back and what have you...but it worked...and it was least i think because she was so congested.

she's like a different person today. smiley and playing in her bouncy chair.
i've got my baby bella back.
and now that i've had some sleep, i'm in a much, much better mood!

last night i spoke to my sister, and i swear, 5 minutes talking to her and it made the whole trip worthwhile. she said, "do you have any idea how happy this made dad? that he could come in and "save" you after mom didn't invite you? he knew you were feeling badly, and he liked to be the knight in shining armor. he's so happy that you came."

my dad has never called me. never once. not even on my birthdays. okay, maybe a few times to tell me that i'd spent too much on the visa. but that's about it. so, when he called and asked if i wanted to come for could i say no? if he gives me an inch, if he gives me a centimeter, i have to take it...but it comes so seldom.

so, my sister's right. it was 100% worth all the tiredness and frustration.
plus i got some really awesome stuff, which, really is just icing on the cake.


did i mention that i've eaten like an absolute COW this week? no joke. i think i must have eaten an entire pumpkin pie myself. yum.
Sunday, November 27, 2005
i am not a huge swearer...but i don't have any other words.

it's now 5 am.
and she's still up.
she slept for a toal of 45 minutes from 3:45 until 4:30 in my arms and then i fed her, because i just didn't know what else to do.

and she's still awake.

fuckity. fuck. fuck.

and it's not like it's going to be any better in the morning.
my stepmom is working until 1 and my dad is no help.

i'm drowning.
perfect baby.. my arse...
everyone here is blown away by how perfect Isabella is.
oh, they say, she never cries.
she never fusses.
she's so amazing.

yes, of course, she is.
because she is being held 95% of the day.
and she's not sleeping at night either.

but both those things aren't anyone's concern.
but mine.

because i'm holding this child all freakin' day. and all freakin' night.
i'm pretty sure her being up tonight at 1:30 am..instead of her usual 4 am-7 am because yesterday morning i broke down and took tylenol sinus. i think it's affecting her.

i'm about 100% sure i have a sinus infection.
i've told my father, the doctor, about 12 times.
he's helped me about 0 times.

they are too wrapped up in doing their own thing to worry about things like that...if it doesn't fit into their schedule, it's not important,

please, please, please please remind me...all you readers out there...remind me NEVER to take another trip to either of my parents again.
Friday, November 25, 2005
everything is personal...
~~oh, Gary is gone. everyone i like in this game has fallen prey to the Stephenie show....amy, brandon, bobby jon, and now gary. cripes. my god...he's the best. he pointed out that Stephenie was running the show and when he called Judd out for lying. go gary! too bad he can't win anymore. i'll miss him.

~~i still don't understand why Stephenie thinks she's entitled to everything. did you see how angry she was when her pots were smashed??? holy eye-rolling, whining fit!

~~why did Danni vote for Gary? i don't get it.

~~i like Rafe...the cute little gay mormom. but, he best be stopping winning all those challenges..lest the great big wrath of stephenie be voting his ass out of the tribe.

~~loved BJ and jamie laughing like howler monkeys on the bench. so adorable. best TC ever!

~~and little fishmonging pancake dancer?? you haven't eaten because you are complete dead weight in the challenges. she should eat her sour grapes!
Thursday, November 24, 2005
feelin' groovy...
not exactly...but much, much better.
isabella had a pretty good night, so i did as well.
i don't feel like my head is going to explode anymore. thank the lord. and it's definitely not pink eye. but it was nasty, whatever it was.

i'm looking forward to a gigantic thanksgiving dinner...although i wouldn't exactly call it dinner...since it's at 1 pm. and my stepmom went small this year...small meaning: me, my dad, her, my grandmother, my stepmom's sister, her son and daughter, tony and jodi (my cousins), their two kids, jodi's parents, jodi's sister and husband. yes, way way small...

my stepmom and her sister hazel have been cooking for 2 days straight. no joke. they stopped for a few hours for dinner, and that was it. i helped them make 800 homemade reece's peanut butter cups. yum. i'm so going to gain 10 pounds before i go home. the good thing, i guess, is that i really can't taste all that much...since i'm sick my taste buds are slightly off.

and then i'm looking foward to shopping til i drop tomorrow. some stores here open at 5 am. 5 am??!!! insanity. there are so many places to go. i'm so excited. and then on sunday i hit the outlets. woohoo.
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
i'm a terrible person
i'm away.
at my dad's.
with only isabella.

and i'm having the worst time.

i hate to say that because it was so amazing of the husband to let me do this. and it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity. to be home for thanksgiving without kids. without worries.
it was supposed to be a break.

but it's not.
i'm sick.
i think i have a brain tumor. not really. heaven forbid.
but i am so sick. i have pink eye in both eyes and my head feels like it's going to explode. and i can't freakin' take anything because i'm nursing.
and isabella's sick. so she needs to be held.
all the time.
and she cires if anyone else holds her.

i managed to get to babies r us since i realize i can't live without the bouncy chair.
so i bought one.
and isabella fussed the entire time.
my girl who enver fusses.
she is so congested she's not breathing well. not eating well.

i want to go home.
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
you can run, but you can't hide...
it's here. there's no denying it.
it's Christmas.
the malls are mobbed.
the green and red are everywhere.
the gingerbread lattes have arrived at Starbucks.
and the Christmas music has started.

i listen to this one Buffalo radio station sometimes - 102.5. from the end of November through the end of Christmas, they play ONLY christmas music. i tend to not mind. why, you ask? well, here it is. i am obsessed with Christmas music. i love it. i could listen to it all year round.

with one exception.
if i have to hear Paul McCartney havin' a wonderful christmastime one more time, i may have to shoot myself. and i swear, for some reason, it's on every time i get in the car. the hell? it's a horrible song.

bring on jingle bell rock. or white christmas. or winter wonderland.
bring on regis' christmas album. or jewel's. or hilary duff's. (everyone's got one.)
bring on the dean martin, the tony bennett, the perry como, the frank sinatra.

just don't play wonderful christmastime.
Monday, November 21, 2005
well spank my ass and call me charlie***..
...the girl is NAPPING.

she must really be under the weather.

***anyone, besides Giblet, know where this quote is from???
Grey's...or Bailey's... Anatomy
It's come to the point where there's no one on this show who doesn't rock my socks. seriously. where can i even start?

~Cristina - loved her "whatever" when joe showed up with his boyfriend. loved her going into the hospital, even though Burke was at the house. "liquor is like oxygen to WASPs"

~Burke - loved him. performing surgery on the turkey was priceless.

~George - i was really hoping he'd pick a car...

~Meredith - there was mucho chemistry between Meredith and Mcdreamy. but, i'm starting to think she's too good for him.

~Alex - i like his friendship with Meredith - the head pat was great. i'm glad he showed up for the dinner in the end.

~Bailey - she seriously makes the entire show. best line? dr. ass: "With balls the size of Texas!" to which Bailey the Nazi answers: "That big?" or "He would have made a great father." aw.
well, last night both Adina and Dikla were SHOCKED that i said i didn't watch Desperate Housewives and that i'd stopped after the second show of the second season. so, sucker than i am, watched last night. crap. and i enjoyed it. crap. and i'll likely watch it again. crap. i was doing so well at cutting down my tv watching.

i have seriously had enough of the "offer no sympathy when sick" game that the husband and i have been playing for quite some time. it's not funny anymore. really, it's not. i'm sick. nothing major...just that sore throat i've had for the past 3 weeks has finally turned into some sort of flu bug. but, the girl is sick too, and the baby. and so she wasn't herself last night. needed to be carried and held and comforted. but i was also not myself. (i needed to be carried and held and comforted.) but the husband had different plans. he needed to build his IKEA furniture. great.

when 10 o'clock came around, i prayed that she would just eat and go to sleep, which, thankfully, she did (she's such a good girl). and afterwards, i collapsed into bed and fell asleep for the night...until 7:15, when isabella woke up. so, having had a pretty rested night, i'm feeling a lot better today. it's really just a cold now. but i'm so peeved that not only did the husband offer absolutely ZERO sympathy, he hasn't even acknowledged that it exists.

and to top it off, he didn't even finish building the stinkin' furniture.
Friday, November 18, 2005
we are back from the doctor
and we are all in one piece.

Image hosted by

Isabella's 3 month check up went great. she's almost 13 pounds. in the 60th percentile for height and weight and head. she's such a porker!! and she's exceeding expectations for a 3 month old. pure genius. he actually said to me, "i'm just confirming what you already know. she's perfect." and that, my friends, was a professional opinion :)

Joshie's 3 year check up was also great. he clammed up and refused to show the dr. that he does, in fact, speak. i mean, seriously, i can't really get the child to shut up. but, he was a trooper when he got his shot - didn't even complain to tear up or anything. just sat there and stared at it. what a good boy!!

the only mishap of the visit was when isabella had been stripped down to her skivvies and we were waiting for the dr and all of a sudden the boy grabbed his butt and said, "i need to make a poo!" with great urgency. so, i left my naked baby with the receptionist and ran joshie down the hall to use the bathroom. i was trying to hurry him, but insisted that he needed some privacy. grr.
There's only room for one manipulative bitch in this town
~~not totally trusting this Matt guy. you?

~~I like the fact that Ryan finally didn't hit someone. refreshing. but at the end? holy bloody knuckles! Ouch. and also kinda hot at the same time.

~~I'm loving Taylor. She's sad. and snarky. and interesting. and delusional. and pathetic. and evil. reverse Darwinism? love that! and "Comics are Geek wacking material". love it too!

~~loved the "Bring it on" shoutout. love that movie. (i'm slightly embarrassed to say...)

~~sooo happy to have Julie back.
say farewell to the crazy..
~~poor Jamie. he pulled a Jack Torrence and the rest of the tribe couldn't deal with it. props to Rafe for orchestrating. why didn't Judd vote for Jamie? wondering what happened there....he looked completely shell-shocked at tribal.

~~i 100% thought Gary's family would blow his cover.

~~Judd sure says man an awful lot.

~~Steph made the right decision tonight. she's moving back up in my books. i guess i would like to see a Danni/Gary/Judd/Steph final 4.

~~I loved Rafe's "but if you ask me again I'm changing my mind" comment to Jamie during Guatamancala. I guess he asked again.
Thursday, November 17, 2005
Awesome Website...
see it here.

via kiss my sass
scenes from a window...
it's the first snow fall of the year.
i hate snow.
but there's something special about the first snow.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

these were taken about 5 minutes ago.
and now it has completely stopped snowing.
the sun is shining.
and it looks gorgeous out.
crazy Toronto weather...
lactating breasts need to be hidden underneath proper undergarments.
didn't you watch oprah on tuesday?

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
why is it??
why is it that i seem to spend my entire life asking my two older kids to be quiet??
how on earth did they get this loud?
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Top 5 TV couples...
okay...this one's a toughie. there are so many more...but having to pick only 5, here goes:

Brenda and Dylan:
Image hosted by

Ben and Felicity:
Image hosted by

Corey and Topanga:
Image hosted by

Ross and Rachel:
Image hosted by

Pacey and Joey:
Image hosted by

your turn!
a good way to get banned from disneyland...
Image hosted by
sick and tired.
my father in law and i share one thing in common.
we are both hypochondriacs.

with him it's usually heart attacks and kidney failure.
with me it's usually tumors and cancer.

i swear, i don't think we've been with the inlaws without him saying something like, "i'm having pain in my arm. do you think i'm having a heart attack?"
and i can usually see his complaint and raise him a "there's thing mysterious lump on my leg, do you think it's a tumor?"

i know it sounds terrible to say, because thank goodness there's nothing wrong with either of us, and we can be truly thankful, because there are people who have serious problems and we shouldn't joke. but, it's a sickness, really.

this pregnancy really helped. even ask the husband. i don't think i've thought i was dying for quite some time now.

until last week. remember when i posted over a week ago that i thought i had strep? never progressed into anything. no runny nose, no congestion. but, i'm not sleeping. because every single freakin' night, from about 9 pm, no matter where i am, my throat tightens up and gets all dry. i can't swallow and breathing is very difficult. i tried the humidifier, but it's doing crap to help me. i tried drinking lots of water. i tried halls. nothing helps. it's seriously the most bizarre ailment i've ever had. anyone know what this could be??? i'd like to find out so i can quit telling the husband that i'm dying.

the suckiest part of this is that i'm not sleeping at night, even though my baby is. i should be taking advantage of the fact that my daughter sleeps all night.
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
what we have here is a failure to communicate
my stinkin' computer keeps booting me off today.

thanks to my husband and his stinkin' xbox.


will be back tomorrow :)
Monday, November 14, 2005
Spoiler perhaps???
"Gary's a second version of Tom Westman ('Survivor: Palau' winner)," Drinkard told The Press Friday, the morning after his expulsion from the hit show. "He's had a lot of life experience, like Tom, and he's a thinker, and thinkers often win. He was in the NFL for years in a high-pressure environment. He has a lot of comebacks, and he can come back again."

Bobby Jon was well-known for many things on his two-time stint on Survivor. One of these was not being all that sharp in the head. so...seeing as BJ made the jury and knows the final you think Gary is in the final 2, or do you think Bobby Jon is messing with us, or do you think he's just not all that smart???
"Here's to the bull, and here's to the crap."
~~absolutely negative chemistry between the drs shepherd...but, in that elevator, holy crap, that was hot. methinks mcdreamy needs to start taking the stairs.

~~love pregnant Bailey. i totally did not see that coming.

~~while i agree that Cristina is hot, and has an AWESOME body, body-clinging, form-fitting satin does not flatter anyone.

~~i adore the awkwardness between Yang and Burke. "You eat red meat?" "You don't?!!"

~~didn't love the George storyline. wasn't he a little slow realizing why the guy wasn't all that happy to have survived? and george wearing the beak around his neck? ew!

~~did anyone catch what their friends' names were?? Savvy? Weiss?

~~Daisy: "We don't like sick people." George: "You're in a hospital."

~~aw. how sweet were the old couple with the "Bridge of Sighs"
The funniest thing you'll see all day!!
seriously, check this out.
Sunday, November 13, 2005
Rollin' with my homies...
we've got ourselves a little Coolio over here.
(and if you don't get the reference, you truly have not lived...well, or you haven't seen the movie Clueless....)

she's rolling.
from her back to her stomach.
the more difficult way to roll.
she did it twice.
way ahead of schedule.

yes, she's pure genius, this kid.
Friday, November 11, 2005
The Hills are Alive!!
Image hosted by

oh my goodness. i'm absolutely giddy with excitement.
but, where oh where is captain von trapp??

they all seriously look EXACTLY the same...except for Gretl, maybe
Apprentice - Store Wars
~~how is it possible that Brian can disappoint me so many times in one episode? firstly, not knowing a freakin' thing about star wars? how can he call himself a man? and how can he live in manhattan and think 15 minutes was enough time to get anywhere?

~~and Marshawn, oh yes, let's display all the characters no one knows and completely ignore all the main characters that PEOPLE.ACTUALLY.WANT.TO.SEE. good idea, honey. and way to drop the ball 30 minutes before the presentation.

~~i love Alla. i'm hoping for an Alla/Randall final 2. and i like that she called out Clay on stealing all her ideas. he's such a whiny bee-otch.

~~“I was quite excited to spend the day with Bill.” Yes, Adam, we can tell. bwah!

~~the cab ride monologue was one of the best cab rides ever. It was like watching a Stepford Wife robot malfunction. Did she not realize that Brian was in the cab with her?
lies and more lies...
~~Gary finds the immunity idol. my god, Judd really IS as dumb as i pegged him to be. "oooh...i promise it's on the ground...." and then looks up at the trees. dumb. ass. good for Gary. slightly obvious he was going to pull it out, though. what with the editing making it seem like he was going home and Steph saying, "it would be amazing if he found it."

~~two weeks in a row, my cute little aw-shucks, down home southern boys are gone. crap, and more crap. i loved me some brandon and bobby jon.

~~i'm just telling you now...i would HATE to see a Stephenie/Judd final 2. just sayin'

~~i think someone needs to vote Danni off. she's seriously scaring the crap out of me with that skeletal body of hers. i don't even know how she can stand up.

~~yeah, yeah...sure. no one has lied yet. um...we know Judd's a big fat liar and we know that gary HAWKINS the LANDSCAPER has got a few lies under his belt too.

~~zvi was asking me why i don't like Stephenie, because he hearts her. here's a little taste why i don't like her: she says gay almost as much as she says retarded. and she prefers Judd to Bobby Jon. do i need to go on?

~~not sure on why gary voted for cindy.

~~the jury's still out on whether Jamie is strategic or just very, very dim. Gary clearly told him that he was voting with them, and jamie decided to immediately tell the others that Gary was voting for him. what was up with that? any thoughts?
Thursday, November 10, 2005
this sh&^%t is bananas
the Nikon D70.

it's popular photography magazine's choice as its CAMERA OF THE YEAR

i need this. it's got NO SHUTTER LAG. can you imagine? is there anything more annoying than going to snap that perfect photo, and then boom, a .6 second shutter lag ruins the entire shot. grrr.
Kate Hudson and her daughter...
ooops....i mean son...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Image hosted by
Aie yai yai yai...goodbye Paolos
~~Phil was just way way too close to that cliff. even the husband noticed!

~~okay, i'm actually kind of sad to see the Paolos go. Mama Paolo is aces in my books for saying, "Why are we going to Phoenix? I want to go to New Zealand!". me too, Mama, me too. and Papa Paolo is in my good books too for telling the Bransens to put on clothing before they got on the mat. that was really nice. but the boys are still asses.

~~"You look ridiculious" - hahahahahahaha!

~~Gee, Weavers, guess what? throwing things at other cars on the highway, trying to get the guy at the Grand Canyon to slow down the Linzs and hating the Godlewskis when they were trying to cheer up tend to make other people dislike you. get off my tv, now!

~~the Paolos in their skivvies.

~~i still love the linz family. loved them since the beginning. it's funny that everyone was calling them the "cincinnati boys." i guess maybe it's because Megan finally got her balls.

~~please, please, please bring back the old amazing race. i'm seriously missing it. this season is such crap...
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
this week in pictures...
i think this is the PERFECT look for Lindsay Lohan. i love the dark hair and she no longer looks unhealthily thin:
Image hosted by

Britney goes shopping. These pictures bring me comfort because i feel like i look exactly like this when i go shopping. comfy sweatshirt, glasses, and pants that are too long that i'm walking all over them:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Colin Farell kisses a man?!?!?!
Image hosted by

Ashley Olsen wears a hospital gown:
Image hosted by

and Adam Sandler rides a pink bike in his bathrobe. i pray this is for a movie. if it's least he's not on my pcb list!
Image hosted by
How Come...
all of my Celebrity boyfriends are slightly off their rockers???

first there was my Jude.
and now there's my Joaquin.

During an interview with the Associated Press, Joaquin asked a reporter:
"Do I have a large frog in my hair? . . . Something's crawling out of my scalp." Despite reassurances from the reporter, the actor replied, "No, but I feel it. I'm not worried about the looks. I'm worried about the sensation of my brain being eaten . . . What did you ask me?"

what? what? what?
this is disturbing.
i'm an excellent driver...yeah...
i had a fairly good driving record.

one speeding ticket, and it was way back in 1995, when i had just gotten my license.
one accident, and it wasn't my fault.

then, last year, i got into an accident in my father-in-law's car. Seriously, could anything possibly be worse than that? well, it was my fault. and the lady i hit called the police. the cop took pity on me and told me that he had to charge me with something but if i showed up to court, he wouldn't. really nice guy.

because it was a jewish holiday, i had to send my nanny in my stead to the hearing. as he promised, the kind policeman did not show up and my charge of careless driving (that i found out was 6 points!) was thrown out. thank goodness.

especially because then i went and got me a speeding ticket. cripes.
the cop, again, was really sweet and let me off with just a 40 dollar ticket. considering i was going 72 in a 40, i am considering myself lucky.

and i'm considering never driving again.
or at least starting to drive like my grandmother.

it's karma, i'm thinking. for posting about driving.
karma, like Earl's Carson Daly-esque karma. anyone watch that show? My Name is Earl? It's pretty freakin' funny, i tell you. and not because i dig Jason Lee, either. it's actually funny.
Monday, November 07, 2005
how do you know
if you have strep?
hearts on fire
~~Meredith looks like shit. seriously. understandable, I guess. but "What. Are. You. Looking. At?" was great.

~~Loved the non-chemistry between Addison and Derek. it was nice and awkward. but, Derek is still an ass in my books.

~~of course, Bailey continues to be my girl crush. loved her total Derek smackdown. pure gold. if she doesn't win an emmy, there will be hell to pay.

~~"You're still my guy O'Malley." i loved seeing Burke laughing. it's nice to see him not so uptight and formal.

~~okay, i'm sorry, that kiss was HOT. he sure smooched the hell out of her.
Friday, November 04, 2005
woohoo...a hidden immunity idol...
~~i'm highly, highly disappointed in all the pansies on survivor this season. can they not count? do they not realize that Brandon, Bobby Jon, Danni and Gary would easily vote with Rafe ("Am I part of the Axis of Evil?" Bwah!), Lydia and Cindy to vote off the three biggest asses of the season: Jamie, Judd and Steph. i'm sorry to see Brandon go. i liked him and his hat.

~~funniest moment of the night: "I'm, like, the worst person at finding stuff," says Rafe while the caption under him reads "Rafe: wilderness guide."

~~Bobby Jon is a bit of a loose cannon these days, isn't he? when he declared his desire to knock Jamie's teeth "slam out of his head"?? ha!
Gossip Round-up
~~Ashlee Simpson makes a complete ass of herself...once a Toronto McDonalds. check out the video here.

~~some Hollywood Halloweening:
La Lohan (who is rumored to be dating my honeypie, Jared Leto):
Image hosted by

Hilary Duff:
Image hosted by

Haylie Duff:
Image hosted by

Heidi Klum:
Image hosted by

~~Leonardo and Gisele have split, for the 56th time. does anyone really care??

~~Ha! Some horrible monster in a fuschia sweatshirt swallowed Janet Jackson:
Image hosted by

~~my hat's off to the person who absolutely nailed her (or his) old and ugly Goldie Hawn Halloween costume!!
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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Crown Molding
i have this pesky tooth all the way at the back of my mouth.
when i was 15, i had a root canal done on it.
when i was 17, i had a crown put on it.
when i was 20, the crown fell off and i had a new one put on.
when i was 21, that crown fell off and that one was replaced with a new one.
when i was 25, my dentist recommended replacing the crown for a better one. he then said i would need to have a crown lengthening done (because the tooth was so close to the gum line, they would have to remove some of the gum in order to place the crown) and then remove the impacted wisdom tooth that was next to it (he actually recommended removing all 4 at once), and only then could they give me a new crown.

i never had these things done.
and then my dentist moved to florida.

my new dentist, original dentist's father, is a much, much smarter man.
"oh, you don't need a crown lengthening, and your wisdom teeth can stay put. i can do a crown on that tooth. no problem."

what every girl who hates the dentist likes to hear. no problem. i went in for the first of two appointments and now i have a temporary crown until next thursday when they place the real one. and then i'll hopefully be done with this annoying tooth.

so, now i'm in pain. lots of it. and i'm talking like a freakshow because i'm part numb, part not numb, and part tingly. grr.
just in this past week, both my sister and our friend Alisa told us that the boy looks exactly like Gage from Pet Sematary. Thinking back to what this kid looked like, i realize that they alike. it's almost scary.

i searched the web and can't find even a semi-decent photo that shows how much this kid Miko Hughes looks like Joshie...but here are the two i did manage to find.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
almost done...
we just have to do the blanket stitching around the edges and we are finished. i'm sooo excited.

here's what it looks like with all the stitching around the letters and shapes:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
3 of the 10 books that i have published!!
yes, it's true, folks.
i am officially a published author.
i'm famous, i tell you.

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Image hosted by

Image hosted by

it's hard to see my name written on there, but it's there!! woohoo!
My Baby Boy is 3 today!!
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Gaghan me with a spoon
~~there's something seriously wrong with the Weavers. i mean, who says, "We’ve been raised since we were born, not to trust other people." what does that even mean? no wonder no one likes them!

~~"I don't have money. I" creepy.

~~Megan is now officially a Linz boy. I’m so glad she got those balls she’s been waiting 21 years for.

~~Ha! poor Tammy and the red bean. it's just like Lena and the haystack!

~~I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried at the elimination, especially when Carissa was wrinkling up her nose so that she wouldn't cry. and Billy, you gotta love his, "you're under absolutely no pressure at all, mom!". my hat's off to those kids.

~~and i still don't like the Paolos. those sons are cockroaches. just because one of them said something nice about his mother is not all that redeemable in my eyes. although, i did have me a little smirk when Mama Paolo said, "I'm coming" and then her son said "so's Christmas". ha!
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
strollers r us
call me crazy, i know you all will, but i'm now the proud owner of yet another stroller.

it's a 2006 peg perego pliko p3 in bluevela. color me happy.

it's this stroller:
Image hosted by

in this fabric:
Image hosted by

the reason i got this (as a gift, keep in mind) was because i had borrowed the snap n go that i was using and now that friend is pregnant and i'd like to give it back to her while it's still usable. i LOVE my zooper. really, i love it to death and i use it all the time (it was most definitely my best stroller has enormous wheels for our horrible canadian winters, has bassinet and seat options, will take an infant seat...ah, i love it), but i needed something slightly less bulky to replace the snap n go and since i wasn't paying, the pliko seemed the way to go, since the snap n go is only usable while the baby is in the infant seat, and the pliko is good til 40 pounds. so, it's good for Joshie.

also, i'm obsessed with strollers and truly believe that you can never have enough of them.
also, i'm slightly out of my mind.
Question of the day...
what kind of driver are you?

the kind who a) gets into the lane right away, even though you know you'll be lined up forever or b) the kind who drives up the next lane over and then squeezes in at the last second???

i tend to be in the b category, but the funny thing is, if i ever manage to be stuck in the lane that's not moving, i can't stand to let those people who want to merge sneak in front of me. and i actually get angry when people in front of me let those drivers in.

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