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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
thrush be a lady
first of all, i knew she had gained a ton of weight - mostly from the way her sleepers are fitting her so much better now - but i was completely floored when the dr. said she was 8'6! at 2 weeks! i just might get my fat baby yet!!

second of all, it seems her belly button might stay outie. poor thing.

third of all, it seems my angel has a case of "white mouth" - aka thrush. clearly, it's not affecting her or me, though, since she's got no problems eating, and i have no problems feeding her. no pain or anything. but the dr. gave us a prescription for some drops to get rid of the fungus. unfortunately, i think the medicine does not agree with Isabella. about an hour after i gave it to her, she started screaming - for over 2 hours. screaming bloody murder. the poor thing.

but, when i fed her at 10:45 last night she went to sleep and slept until 3:45 and then slept again until 7, so i really can't complain.

but she was so distraught last night. i mean, obviously i want to get rid of the thrush, but i don't want to have a screaming baby for the next 10 days while she's on the medication. grr....i hate white mouth.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Poor Isabella...
Image hosted by

she looks EXACTLY like her mommy.

***side note: this picture is actually of me. when i was 3 weeks old. it could easily be Isabella.
Monday, August 29, 2005
Please, Please, Please...
whether you are religious or not, whether you pray or not, please keep Becca and Jason and their new baby Addie in your thoughts. They really need support right now.

her story makes me cry every day, makes me hug my children a little tighter and makes me so thankful for what i have.
By Popular Demand...
i wasn't going to post anything about the MTV video music awards, since the overwhelming theme of the night seemed to be, "Who can look the worst?" i swear, everyone looked like crap. i can honestly say that Kelly Clarkson looked the best. and when the best looking person at an entire awards show is Kelly Clarkson, you know that something is amiss.

here are my nominees for worst look:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

but the real winner of the night was - by far - Miss Jessica Simpson:
Image hosted by
a portrait of a girl at 2 weeks
Isabella is just 2 weeks old today and she is already such a little person. she sure took her sweet time coming into this world, and drove me crazy the last few weeks before she was born, but she was 100% worth the wait.

in the first few days she spent most of her time sleeping or eating. in the last few days, however, she's really begun to spend lots of time awake, just looking around with her big, alert grey eyes (we are pretty sure they will be brown, like her big sister and brother). She's also begun to sleep like an angel. i don't want to jinx her, but last night i fed her at 11:45 and she slept until 5:15. woohoo!

she won't sleep in the bassinet, though, and has pretty much kicked her daddy out of bed. but it's fine. she can sleep in bed with me, i actually like it, as long as she continues to sleep so well.

she loves the bouncy chair and her infant seat, but doesn't seem to love the swing. this shouldn't surprise us. Joshie didn't care for it much either. yes, that was money well spent....

she has dry skin on her long fingers and toes, and no matter how much lotion we put on them, they are always dry. we are still unsure about the belly button. it doesn't stick out as much as it used to, but it still looks kind of outie-ish right now.

she has fit so perfectly into our family and has made me feel complete (at least for now :))
Friday, August 26, 2005
Question of the Day
What on earth is a hollaback girl anyway???
no wonder my kids are loons
i came downstairs to discover my nanny giving them brownies.
at 12:45 in the afternoon.
without asking me first.
cuz i would have said no.
memory lane-ing it at 2
so, last night i fed Isabella at 8:30, and then not again until 2:15. she's seriously spoiling me! i searched desperately to find something good to watch at 2 am - something that would keep me alert during the feeding.

i stumbled upon the movie Beaches...and stayed up until 4 to watch the entire thing. my baby was fast asleep by 3..possibly even before...but i couldn't go back to sleep.

Beaches was the first movie i saw i theater without parents. it was the first movie that made me cry. it was the first movie that i bought the soundtrack to. when i was 12, Beaches was the be all and end all for me. i even somehow covinced my dad to spend lots of money to buy me a pirated copy before it came out on video. my god i loved that movie.

so i just couldn't fall asleep. i just had to watch until the end. i was nervous that the husband might wake up and see me sitting up in bed next to my sleeping newborn, crying my eyes out. but he didn't. and he wouldn't have remembered this morning anyway. just like he didn't remember frantically telling me that he needed one of the posters on our 4-poster bed. weirdo :)
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Crusty Stump...Be Gone!
i think it was Beth who first introduced me to the term 'crusty stump' but i can't think of a better way to describe the icky thing. to me, it's worse than the post-circumcision penis. but that's just me.

methinks the girl may have an outie. cripes. the truth is, i totally don't remember what the belly button looks like right when the stump falls off...maybe it will retract or something.

oy. how will she ever wear a bikini???
Bugger It
so, i decided to walk to the mall today. it's only about a 10 minute walk. i had some stuff to return that my mom bought that's just way too big and i need some t-shirts to cover my porn star boobs.

i fed Isabella and off we went. she slept in the stroller on the way but the second we walked through the doors of the mall, she started to kvetch. i noticed that the straps of her stroller were making red marks on the side of her face, so i undid them. still, she continued to complain. and complain. and complain.

so, i decided that even though i accomplished nothing, it was time to go home.
and wouldn't you know it. the second we stepped outside....quiet. she slept the whole way home.

tune in tomorrow when i attempt to hit the mall once again. wish us luck!
The return of the round-up...
...i know i've been kind of lax on my celeb gossip in the past two weeks...but it's back. apparently, while i was in my own world having Isabella, i missed that:

~~ Jude Law is not only a cheater, but he has a small penis as well. i swear, this is news folks. it's been all over the place. (please note: this picture is graphic and is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!)

~~Ciara ripped her pants in a wildly inappropriate place on Good Morning America:
Image hosted by

~~Keanu Reeves is gross. Contact Music is reporting that Keanu Reeves has dumped 28- year-old girlfriend Lynn Collins to rekindle a romance with 59-year-old Dianne Keaton. Keaton and Reeves, 40, met and were linked romantically while the two filmed Something's Gotta Give, before Reeves met Collins. ew.

~~Tara Reid fell down. are we at all surprised?
Image hosted by

~~Courtney Love may or may not be pregnant with Steve Coogan's child. Call me crazy but don't you think someone like Courtney Love should make sure her birth control is working??? She is unfit to take care of a human baby.

~~Kirsten Dunst may or may not be pregnant with Jake Gyllenhaal's child. she was seen buying something that looked an awful lot like prenatal vitamins.
Image hosted by

~~Scarlett Johansson crashed her car and blamed it on paparazzi. As it turns out, Scarlett is just a big old liar. it had nothing to do with the paparazzi.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
my baby is a freak of nature!!!
in a good way, of course!

last night i fed her at midnight and then we went to sleep. she didn't wake up until 6 am. that's 6 hours folks! 6 hours!!! i, naturally, was up several times making sure she was still breathing, but she was sleeping so peacefully and soundly. it was amazing.

what a nice treat.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Talk about a bad case of nipple confusion!!!
Image hosted by
Wow! I'm way more normal that i thought!!

You Are 50% Normal

(Somewhat Normal)

While some of your behavior is quite normal...

Other things you do are downright strange

You've got a little of your freak going on

But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

swiped from NickleAnnie.
I Think She May Be
out of her mind just a little bit..

Image hosted by

In Touch Magazine is reporting that Britney will deliver her baby in a special pool filled with 1,000 one-liter bottles of specially blessed Kabbalah water costing a whopping $3,800!
Monday, August 22, 2005
Flooded Friday
there were crazy storms on Friday afternoon in Toronto. I have NEVER seen that much rain.

check out my mother in law's car:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
One Week Old...
and what a whirlwind of a week it's been. much more in a good way than anything else, but i'm sure looking forward to the quiet. everyone went home yesterday - my mom, my stepdad, my dad...all of a sudden last night it was so quiet in the house, it was wonderful.

Isabella's doing great. knock on wood. poo poo poo. last night i fed her at 12, 4, and 7. and she slept in between. i really don't want to jinx her, but i seriously can't complain about that at not even one week old.

she's so adorable i can't stand it. i just want to look at her all day long. and smush her and hold her. the problem is that my kids want to do the same thing. they are so in love with her, they can't stay away. if she's sleeping, they want to wake her. if she's content and awake, they want to touch her until she complains. it's almost like they can't help. if she's in the room, they want to be near her. i guess i really can't complain about that either. they love their sister. i'm assuming in a few weeks the novelty will wear off and they won't be all that interested anymore.

my mother in law is in my good books. not to mention all the help she's been in the last few weeks- and she really has - she gave me the compliment of a lifetime yesterday. i was stressing about not having any clothing that fits me. my shirts come up to my belly button because my breasts are enormous. anyway, i managed to find something to wear, but i wasn't all that happy about it. and then she told me that i looked incredible. i almost died. it was the nicest thing she's ever said to me. i smiled for the rest of the day. until this morning. when i had to face the closet again :)
Sunday, August 21, 2005
Our Princess has a name...
Isabella Rose

and you can call her anything but Izzy. ew.
Friday, August 19, 2005
A whole bunch of photos...

courtesy of the baby's Auntie Adina (who should be sainted. She came over last night while the husband went to play hockey and let me sleep. I can't thank her enough for that. she's the best!)
Wanna Know What I Like???
sleeping on my stomach.


best thing about not being pregnant :)
Thursday, August 18, 2005
A Couple More...
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and now i'm off to bed...
More to come...but here's a look at baby bunny...
about a minute after she was born:

Image hosted by

and on our way home from Dr. Friedman's (where she screamed bloody murder!):
Image hosted by
All Alone...
without my boobah!

we left the hospital before she was 24 hours old, so we couldn't get the pku test done. so, the husband and my mom took the babe back to the hospital to get it done and left me all alone. i will most definitely be taking advantage by treating myself to a gigantic nap.

the baby is so good and sweet. I'm so in love. we've discovered her fussy time is from about 10 pm to 1 am - exactly when she was a complete circus performer in my stomach. i guess i shouldn't be surprised. but she's been so good the last two nights. i fed her at 1:45 am and then not again until 5:45 am. and she slept in between. knock on wood. poo poo poo. all that jazz. i don't want to jinx her...but since she IS only 2 1/2 days old, i'm not expecting much out of her.

i'm ready to kill my mother. she means well, but has been really hard to have around. she is constantly telling me that i'm not feeding my baby enough (which i know is NOT the case) and she thinks that she sprained her thumb (which tells you exactly how helpful she's been with the baby...). here's an actual conversation from last night:

Mike (or Sarah...can't remember) "Is this Michael's last year at YU?"
Mom: "No. he had one year in israel, one at YU and he will be starting this third year."
Me: "Oh, so, yes, he can finish this year."
Mom: "What's the matter with you? You can't get a college degree in three years." (Spoken very rudely)
Me: "Oh, that's right. i forgot that it's only in Canada that you can get a 3 year BA. and you could have said that just a little bit nicer to me."
Mom: "Well, you can't at a real school like McGill." (her alma mater)

that's when i tuned everyone out. sheesh. excuse me for forgetting that in the states it's 4 years. it was 10 pm and i didn't just have a freakin' baby. you'd think she could give me a little break. but, i'm beginning to realize that she will NEVER give me a little break. ever.
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
A Recovery Story
As good as my labor experience was, that's how bad my first night in the hospital experience was. and it had nothing to do with my little bunny, who was excellant her entire first night.

well, she was born at 7:41, so by the time i got into my room - semi-private, even though we requested private - it was time to kick the husband out. to leave me all alone. on my first night. I was NOT happy.

and girl i was sharing a room with was no older than 15. no joke. and it was already her 3rd or 4th night in recovery. she was a single mom, who had no relationship with the father of her baby. and she had the baby from hell. he cried the ENTIRE NIGHT. and the poor girl, Hilary, called for a nurse every 15 minutes the entire night....well, after 2 am, til which time she was making phone calls to all her friends.

i finally fell asleep. and in comes my nurse to take me to my first bathroom visit. great. just what i wanted. then, i went back to bed and finally got comfortable again, when in came the peditrician to examine the baby. at 2:30 in the morning. so, she unwrapped the baby from her comfy bundling and started playing with her. she was not happy. either was i.

i couldn't wait for the morning to come quickly enough. it was such a horrible experience that when the husband showed up at 9, we made it our goal to get out of there before 7pm - their original time to let me go. well, we did it and were out of the hospital by 1.

i want to know how it is that my friend Tova, who had her baby on Friday night this week, in the same hospital, spent friday night, saturday, sunday and monday morning in her own room....and i got to share my room with Hilary. NOT FAIR, i tell you!
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
names and such
we thought about following in the recent Hollywood trend and naming our new baby girl Lola....since she came out face up, we know she's already a showgirl, but we nixed it in the end.

we do have a name picked out, but won't be naming her until Saturday. so....ya'll will have to patient until then!

any guesses?
A Birth Story!!
So, the husband and i were watching Raging Bull on Sunday night and i began having contractions. i didn't think anything of it because as you all know, i'd been having contractions for over a month.

but, i began counting just for kicks. 11 minutes. nothing exciting. 11 minutes again. and again. and then they started getting super painful, but still only 11 mintues apart. it wasn't until 4 am when i thought maybe we should go to the hospital.

so, we went in at 7. got assessed. 3.5 cm dilated! holy crap. i didn't think i could dilate on my own! insanity. the nurse told us to walk around until 10 and then come back. by then the contractions were getting closer together 6-7 minutes and i was up to 4. i got admitted at 11:30.

it was the most pleasurable labor experience. i dilated completely on my own. no pitocin. of course, i did have an epidural at around 12:30. at 6:30 pm i was completely dilated but the baby hadn't completely dropped yet. the nurses suggested i start pushing at 7:20ish just to see what would happen.

our little bunny was born at 7:41 and weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces. she is 20 inches long. and she came out posterier (face up).

and she's stunning. completely worth the wait. of course that's much easier to say after the fact.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Last of the Mohicans
well..folks...i'm officially the last man standing. (unless Becca is still around, but i'm not sure since she hasn't posted all weekened)

When i found out that Ephraim and Tova had their baby boy on Friday night, I realized that of the 7 or so people who were due close to and around my due date, i'm the only one who is still pregnant. insanity. i can't believe it. i never thought i'd be the last.

i took Tova's news surprisingly well. I guess i'm just still shocked that they had a boy - i was totally 100% expecting them to have a girl. but now, i'm getting phone calls by the dozen, "oh my god, Tova had her baby! are you dying?" yeah, i appreciate those calls even less than i appreciate the ones i was getting before.

tomorrow i go for my nonstress test and biophysical profile and then to see my dr. to schedule my induction. i'm hoping for tuesday (or possibly Monday night!! what are the chances?????) but i'll take wednesday or even thursday at this point. either way, by the weekend, i will have my baby in my arms.
Friday, August 12, 2005
Out of the Mouths of Boobahs
this morning i was enjoying what had recently become the nicest part of my day - my kids lying on either side of me fighting over who gets to cuddle with me.

i gave them both hugs and said, "i love you, boobahs," to which the boy replied, "I'm not a boobah, Mommy, i'm a green teletubby with a penis!"

I about died. even now i'm still getting a good chuckle out of it.
Thursday, August 11, 2005
Out of the Doghouse...
Image hosted by
that damn xbox and other ditties...
Last night the husband had back to back meetings, so he was out all evening. and when he came home, instead of spending some actual time with me, he went straight for the xbox. grr...

so, while he was out, i entertained myself by watching a really horrible movie - The Forgotten - which i was mildly enjoying until i discovered it was about alien abduction. um, yeah, no thanks. so, then i read my book - The Dress Lodger - which was quite good but really heavy - it's a historical fiction about cholera in England in the 1800's. very heavy. well, i've finished it, so i'm now taking recommendations for a new read. anyone? anyone?

i lead such a very exciting life..
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
oh, baby
not as bad as i expected, not as good as i'd hoped.

first of weight gain this week. woohoo. something positive.

i pulled out all of the stops. i was so close to pulling out the tears, it's not even funny. i got all choked up explaining to him what sort of mental and physical agony i'm in.

so, in the end, he didn't even check me. argh. i could kill him. but he wants to send me tomorrow or friday for an ultrasound - biophysical profile - and then induce early next week.

he seems fairly un-optimistic that i will go into labor on my own. so, chances are good that he will be inducing me next week. thank goodness it's not going to be another 2 weeks.

it seems i've done a complete 180 in terms of how i feel. right now i feel great. i'm not going into labor on my own, i realize that, so i'm not going to stress about it. and i will definitely have my baby by the end of next week. yay.
you say it's your due date....duh duh duh duh...
well. it's here. my official due date.
this little oompa loompa has officially been cooking for the last 40 weeks. it's done. completely cooked. so...what is it waiting for???
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Counting My Blessings...
good things about still being pregnant:

~i'm not required to wake up every 3 hours during the night
~the husband and i are not yet outnumbered
~i can continue to eat what i want and not have to worry about losing the pregnancy weight yet
~my boobs are still my own
~i don't have to stress about whether he or she is eating enough
~putting two kids in the car is a hell of a lot easier than three
~two words i don't have to think about: recovery pain
of all the streets...
last night we ordered the movie Hide and Seek off our pay per view. the boy has a bad cold so we set our PVR to tape it in case we needed to stop the movie if he woke up.

naturally, the same thing that happens EVERY SINGLE TIME we watch a movie, happened. The phone began ringing off the hook, and i have a serious problem with telling someone up front that i'm in the middle of the a movie (this drives the husband batty), so i'm quite thankful for the pause button on the PVR.

then, just as the movie started to get good, following a pretty scary obligatory scary movie blackout basement scene, we had a blackout of our own. just our street. the streets behind us and in front of us had power. i feel like it's always our street. sooo annoying. and it was out for almost 3 hours!

of course, i started freaking out that we were going to lose everything in the fridge, and that we were going to sweat to death. but, what i failed to realize was that we weren't going to be able to see the end of the movie.

do you think if we call Rogers they will let us order it for free? most likely not, right?
Pretty well on my way to losing it...
well..for starters, my 4-year-old is driving me batty. Granted, my defenses are down and my coping skills are not so great at the moment, but she's seriously insane. The crying, kvetching, whining, and screaming have just got to stop, or i will have to move out of my house. she can't deal with life. i swear, i come upstairs for 3 minutes in the morning and there she is knocking at my door, screaming about something that happened with Jhoanne. why can't the two of them figure it out? why does she always think that mommy is going to save the day? and why doesn't jhoanne take the initiative to deal with her? that's what she's there for. not for me to stand in the shower listening to the girl pound on my door for the duration of the ENTIRE SHOWER.

and the boy. he's had a really bad cold for the past week, thus causing mid-night wakings ALL NIGHT. granted, the husband has been amazing at dealing with these and he's not making me get up - i'm so thankful for this - but it's disturbing my already disturbed sleeep. i need to be taking advantage of all the sleeping time i have left.

and the questions. they start with "How's the baby?" from my nanny every time she sees me. how do i even answer a question like that? how IS the baby? what exactly is she looking to find out? then i get the "You're still pregnant?" um, no asshole, i've had my baby already, but i still look like a heifer. but thanks for rubbing that in. and then there's the ever popular, "Aren't you like a week overdue?" um, no, not due until tomorrow. but thanks. i needed that. How about the fun "When is the baby coming already?" oh, yes, since obviously i know the answer to that one... argh. i'm going to shoot someone. or at least stop answering the phone and going out where i could see people that i know!

i think if i wasn't having crazy contractions for at least 5 hours consistently EVERY SINGLE DAY that just stop suddenly, i wouldn't be so depressed. I seriously am convinced that my body doesn't dilate on its own. it's really not a crazy theory. i didn't dilate on my own with my other two, and it took pitocin up at its highest dosage to even make a dent in my cervix. i think my body is trying its hardest to go into labor, but just can't. meanwhile, i'm dealing with painful contractions all the time, horrible cramping, and compelete overall feeling of crap (think first trimester) it's just so unenjoyable. i can't take advantage of my time to relax since i can't relax.

can someone please put me out of my misery??
This May Be Worse Than Denise Richards...
...Christine Taylor had her baby on July 10th.

July 10th people. a month ago.

Image hosted by
Monday, August 08, 2005
What If These Famous People Had Jewish Mothers?
MONA LISA'S JEWISH MOTHER: "This you call a smile, after all the money your father and I spent on braces?"

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS' JEWISH MOTHER: "I don't care what you've discovered, you still should have written."

MICHELANGELO'S JEWISH MOTHER: "Why can't you paint on walls like other children? Do you know how hard it is to get that schmutz off of the ceiling?"

NAPOLEON'S JEWISH MOTHER: "All right, if your're not hiding your report card inside your jacket, take your hand out of there and show me!"

ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S JEWISH MOTHER: "Again with the hat! Why can't you wear a baseball cap like the other kids?"

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S JEWISH MOTHER: "Next time I catch you throwing money across the Potomac, you can kiss your allowance good-bye!"

THOMAS EDISON'S JEWISH MOTHER: "Of course I'm proud that you invented the electric light bulb. Now turn it off and go to sleep!"

PAUL REVERE'S JEWISH MOTHER: "I don't care where you think you have to go, young man, midnight is long past your bed-time!"

ALBERT EINSTEIN'S JEWISH MOTHER: "But it's your senior photograph! Couldn't you have done something with your hair?"

MOSES' JEWISH MOTHER: "That's a good story! Now tell me where you've really been for the last forty years!"

BILL CLINTON'S JEWISH MOTHER: "At least Monica was a nice Jewish girl!"

lifted from glimpse of a girl.
someone got to this before i was able to bid on it.
In rather unsurprising news...
i'm still pregnant.
Emily told me not to worry. she said, "mommy, the baby is coming on wednesday. it's on my calendar." well, well, well. if it's on her calendar, who am i to argue? wonder if she'll be right...people always say kids have a sixth sense...(and not in a creepy Haley Joel Osment way..)

i'm actually quite saddened by the news that Peter Jennings has died. I grew quite fond of him on September 11th - i thought his coverage was the best and was glued to him for several days. Since then, i've had a little crush on him. It's very sad. he was only 67.

but this cheered me up and even made me laugh a little bit:
Image hosted by
I will never be able to watch him in anything again without snickering. oh, Sam-wise, whatever were you thinking?
Friday, August 05, 2005
oh man
last night i wake up at 3 to hear, "Mommy, i need a towel."
oh crap.
i was, which is so rare these days, in a comfortable place in bed and was actually sleeping, so you can imagine my disappointment and frustration.

The truth is, the reason the boy had his first night-time accident EVER was entirely my fault. he had woken up several times between 10:30-11:30, and was asking for milk. Since the husband was at hockey and I was alone and tired, I gave in and gave him the sippy cup of milk. I also took some pity on him since he had eaten hot dogs for dinner (yes, i'm the WORST parent, my son eats hot dogs) and I figured he was probably very thirsty.

so, we washed him up, stripped his bed, and he spent the rest of the night with us, which meant, of course, that everyone slept comfortably, everyone but me. I tossed and turned but had such trouble getting comfy or turning over because i a) didn't want to smother my son and b) didn't want to wake him.

and, surprise surprise, the girl, who has been sleeping way past 7 these past few weeks decided this morning was the day she was going to get up at 6:30. great. and complain nonstop how starving she is ("Mommy, my stomach is so hungry its eating itself....i wanna go downstairs....i wanna go downstairs...) so at 7 i finally gave in and rounded up the troops and took us all downstairs.

and here's a question for ya'll. how come i can't leave my two children alone for 30 seconds without someone yelling or crying or hurting the other one??? this morning, i dared to think i could excuse myself for 1 minute to pee, and i wasn't gone for 25 seconds and the screaming started. joshie had colored on emily's ariel picture. so Emily, naturally, did what she does best. had a full out panic/screaming/crying/whining fit. all for a stupid print-out that i could duplicate in a heartbeat. why can't she just say, "mommy, Joshie ruined my picture...can you print me up another one?" why does there have to be so much screaming?? my ears can't take it anymore.

Oy. It's going to be a long morning.
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Help Me!!
the girl wants an explanation for the word "superstitious"

cripes. how do i explain this one?
annoying bits
annoying bit #1: my OB saying he was sure he wouldn't see me this week. great. even he was convinced this baby was going to be early.

annoying bit #2: i'm not dilated enough to get excited about. he said it really means nothing anyway, though.

annoying bit #3: i haven't even reached my due date yet and people are harrassing me about why i haven't had my baby yet.

annoying bit #4: my OB thinks it's possible that my body just will never go into labor on its own. just peachy.

annoying bit #5: he is waiting until wednesday to discuss induction.

annoying bit #6: i gained 2 pounds in one week!

so, all in all, it's been an annoying day. this baby is NEVER coming out.
me vs. the dryer
i have successfully shrunken my entire maternity wardrobe. well...only the shirts. crap. i better have this baby soon or i'm going to seriously have NOTHING to wear.

i forgot that my maternity t-shirts don't go into the dryer and put about 9 shirts in the dryer. now they all barely fit over my buddha belly.

the good news is that i shrunk them enough that i will be able to wear them as non-maternity shirts...yay. just what every woman wants to do with her maternity clothing...
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Guess the Celebs...
from their backsides:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The Jude/Sienna/Nanny saga continues...
apparently, rumor has it that Sienna Miller is six weeks pregnant with Jude Law's child. They allegedly gathered friends and family at their London home to announce her pregnancy before Jude's affair with the nanny was exposed, though reps for Miller and Law have not confirmed or denied the pregnancy.

"She [and Jude had] discussed names for the baby," a friend tells Star magazine. Now, Law "had destroyed any chance they had of bringing up the baby together."

Go Hang a Salami...
...cuz i'm a computer hog...

no...i haven't blogged yet today because i've gone into labor...
i haven't blogged because the husband is working from home and has been at the computer ALL DAY, except for the walk we took to go have lunch (chicken fingers at cookoos - i had a craving).

the reason he's home is a legitimate one - - - the a/c broke in my NEW van. i was not happy. and i was boiling. so we dropped off my car this morning...and lucky's not going to be finished until tomorrow night, leaving me yet another day without a car.
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
A Colossal Mistake
yesterday we took the kids to the water park at Canada's Wonderland. We walked into the park at 10:15, and i was already tired, sweating, and had to pee. i was beginning to think i had made a colossal mistake. The husband and i tend to forget that i'm 39 weeks pregnant and that it was over 90 degrees outside.

Once we got to the water park, though, i completely changed my tune. it was great! because the water park opens early for season pass holders, we were able to get in when it was empty. we got the good chairs and got a great spot in the shade. We had a good system going - the husband would take one kid on a ride, and i'd stay and play in the splash area with the child left behind. it worked really well. Plus, we met up with two couples and their kids, which always makes these days more enjoyable.

we were completely wiped out by the end of the day, and could have easily gone to bed at 8pm. so, we jumped at the chance to go out for coffee at 8:30 - it was a good way to keep us up. little did i know how up it would keep me, and that drinking coffee at 9 at night was going to be my colossal mistake of the day! i swear, i was up ALL night.
pee vs. sweat..
Fergie's reps are claiming she didn't pee herself in San Diego at Street Scene over the weekend, and that the huge wet spot in the middle of her crotch was just sweat, but either way I'm going with disgusting.

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