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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
oooh...i love pools...
someone mentioned a Paris/Paris pool and it got me thinking.
it's totally time for a baby pool. with just over 9 weeks's not too early.

so....i need your guess on:

the winner will get a prize. i need time to think of something good...but trust will be good!

if you are one of the few who know the, say, the are exempt from guessing the sex.

here are a few hints.
i was 4 days late with the girl, and 3 weeks early with the boy
the girl was 7'10 (although the dr. thinks that was wrong) and the boy was 6'2
they were both 20 inches long.
the girl was born at 10:10 pm and the boy at 3:30pm.
The Queen of the Crusty Eyes... on the mend.
we could tell that she started feeling better yesterday afternoon (unsurprisingly 24 hours after we started the antibiotics) when she began bouncing around the house. no joke. she was bouncing. like Tigger. I guess she was sick and tired of being sick and tired :)

i'm happy to say that she can return to school tomorrow :)
Because i'm always on top of the news...
Image hosted by

Paris Hilton is engaged to her boyfriend of five months, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. Latsis, 27, proposed on Wednesday, the day Hilton, 24, returned home to Los Angeles after a three-week trip to Europe, where she promoted her thriller House of Wax and her new fragrance.

The couple celebrated yesterday with a barbecue for 75 friends and family at the Hollywood Hills home they share. No date has been set for the wedding. This will be the first marriage for both.
Monday, May 30, 2005
Fridge Water
i feel like i'm the only one plagued with this problem.

i can't drink water that has been in the fridge and has not been 100% sealed, like as in, let's say, a Brita. or a pitcher.

ew. the water then has that fridge taste. ew.
or just having a really baggy day??

Image hosted by

any thoughts??
Sunday Hell
watch seems to be habit-forming!!

so, to put it mildly, my daughter has a flair for the dramatics. that's putting it VERY mildly. so, we didn't really think twice when she complained that her eye was hurting her on sunday morning. nor did we blink (no pun intended) when she refused to open her eyes. the entire day.

so, at 11 am yesterday morning, the husband left me to go and do the Nike 10k run. i'm actually very proud of him. he has been training for this forever, and did it in 50 minutes, even with the cramp he got.

but, it meant that from 11am until 6 pm last night, i waited on my daughter the entire day. "Oh, mommy, i need a drink. i need a snack. i need to make." good lord, i had to carry her to the bathroom because she refused to open her eyes! and all of a sudden, my son has discovered that he's 2 and should be in the middle of his terrible two's. so, he complained most of the day as well. by the time the husband came home i didn't even want to talk to anyone.

i made him take the girl over to our friend jack's house (who has now been called Dr. Jack by our kids) and he said she's got a bad case of conjunctivitis. in both eyes. so, then i tried to figure out if i felt badly for getting annoyed with all her dramatics and antics yesterday...or if yes, i am sure she was uncomfortable, but was the blindness truly necessary??

this morning my questions were answered when she screamed the house down at 5, and woke her brother up.'s been a long morning and it's only 9:19. someone send help. please.
Friday, May 27, 2005
The Return of Four for Friday!!
1. Would you ever answer your cell phone if it rang while you were in a public restroom? What if you were in the privacy of your own bathroom at home... would you answer it then?

no and no. the bathroom is not the place for a phone conversation. yuck. and at home? why on earth would i have my cell phone in the bathroom with me?

2. If you were given a one-year, all expenses paid, all-access assignment to make a documentary film on any subject of your choosing, what do think your film's focus/topic would be?

that's tough. i think i'd enjoy following around a celebrity for a year and document that ins and out of his/her daily life. ooh...or i'd do something that involved food...or maybe coffee...maybe i'd travel around the world and sample different coffees in the local popular coffee shops. that would be fun too.

3. Do you like your office space? Why or why not?

i'm just kind of meh about it. it's a cubicle, which already makes it not great...not enough privacy. but it's rather big, and i like that. and now that i've gotten (read that as stolen) myself a great chair, i like it much better.

4. Have you ever changed a flat tire on an automobile? If you never have, do you think you'll be able to if and when the time comes?

never! i'm sure if would not be able to if the time ever came. that's what AAA and husbands are for :)
how does one go from this:

Image hosted by

to this:

Image hosted by ??
I'm the Evil Sister-in-law...
no joke.

so last night, one of my sisters in law calls to ask me some chicken questions. she was having people over who only eat vegetables that grow above ground and some other craziness...but i was in the middle of a heated argument with my mother (well, not really...she was yelling and i was listening...) so i had to cut her short. i felt really bad doing it, but i didn't really have a choice.

and then this morning, at 8:15, my sister in law in Israel called to wish me a happy belated birthday. it was so nice of her to call (even though it's almost a week late...but least she called!) but i was desperately trying to get ready to drive carpool and get to work on time that i had to cut her short as well.

i feel awful.
Thursday, May 26, 2005
Week 30 - Preggo Update
well...I'm undeniably pregnant. A man even gave up his seat for me on the shuttle bus at the airport. Of course, because I don't like special treatment like that, I refused the seat and stood uncomfortably for 20 minutes.

in Atlanta, a good friend of our family's, Jeff Korotkin, who is also an Ob, gave us a 4D ultrasound. oh my goodness. it seriously was the most amazing thing in the entire world. and the first thing we said was that the little bunny looks just like our other two kids. so, unfortunately for the husband, he's getting another carbon copy of his mother-in-law.

and, in case any of you are wondering, we know the sex. but we are NOT spilling the beans. so, don't even try to get it out of us. And i dont' remember if i blogged this story or not, but Aimee convinced me that it needed to be made public, even if it's at my expense, i'll share. my 4-year-old thinks that if the baby's a boy, we should call him Jonah, because "Mommy's as big as a whale." right she is...

my dad is mailing us the photos, and I promise to have them up online as soon as they arrive.

I've sort of hit a plateau with my weight - holding steady at about 16-17 pounds. I can't seem to put any on...probably because I can't seem to eat anything for breakfast and lunch besides for pretzels and porn star chest however, continues to grow. i had to buy new bras yesterday because i was overflowing in my 34D's. yikes.
An Underwhelming Finale
i'll admit it, i watched most of the 2-hour finale in fast forward. it was just too much filler.

my favorite part of the entire night? Paula's completely fake, painted-on smile when Carrie won. Classic.

Oh, Nikko. i love you. i really wish he had stayed in the competition longer.

Leandra Jackson singing the national anthem. ha! Drunk Latoya London. Ha! David Hasselhoff. double ha!

total cheesefest. but of course, i still managed to get all teary-eyed.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

separated at birth???
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Task of the Day
here it is, folks.
prepare to laugh.

We are publishing a book with a picture of a chimpanzee in it. unfortunately, because the chimp is standing straight up, his bits are showing in all their glory. and this book is for first-graders. this is not good.

my job today is to figure out if we can digitally neuter el chimpo, or find a replacement photo.

and after looking at 45 photos of chimps standing up, i can conclude one thing. they've got nothing to hide.

And Let Us All Pray
~~Let's pray that the Jared Leto/Lindsay Lohan rumors are NOT true. How can someone who looks this good when he's completely bald be involved with scary Lindsay???

Image hosted by

~~Let's pray that Britney continues to get bigger by the minute. i, for one, am thoroughly enjoying this.

Image hosted by

~~Let's pray for Mary Kate and the giant. I hope he doesn't get hungry.

Image hosted by

~~ Let's pray for me. So that i can become Johnny Lee Miller. for just one second.

Image hosted by
The Big Showdown
Okay, how badly do the two original songs suck?? i really really hope that neither one of these will go on to become the winner's (aka Bo's) first single.

and was i the only one who thought Bo's final song was horrible?? i was expecting the judges to pan him, but they all lurved him.

was that anwar in the audience with the short hair????? sitting between Nadia and Constantine? i spent most of the show wondering who that was. and anyone know if Jessica Sierra is pregnant? she looked just a little bit like it to me...

anyone else bothered by Carrie's body? she's built like a giant rectangle, and has zero definition to her body.

i'm looking forward to seeing Rascal Flatts tomorrow and i did enjoy the montage at the end. seeing Elizabeth Pha in her spiderweb get-up, Leroy and his can you dig it, and creepy Mary Roach again gave me all sorts of thrills.
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Do You Hear Me??

i've given up on The English Patient. i vow to rent the movie, so at least i can find out how it ends (and at least Ralph Fiennes is in the movie so it will most likely be mildly entertaining...)

i read the entire Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on the airplane on friday. sleeping is no longer an airplane option for the large-sized me. too uncomfortable.

and i'm knee-deep in I Know This Much Is True...and i'm loving it. so, goodbye English Patient. and good riddance.
so, my friend Heather works at an upscale maternity store in Atlanta, so of course, while i was there, i went to visit her and to take advantage of her 30% family discount.

i ended up getting some really awesome stuff, including this great pair of capri jeans. i love them. the only problem is that even though they fit amazingly at the store, i am having severe problems with them today. they won't stay up. i swear. i actually have to hold them up or they fall to the ground - which could be embarrassing, considering i'm at work.

i need my bella band. it's a miracle worker.
i'm overwhelmed...
with things to blog about.

so many things happened over this weekend.
first of all, my entire family forgot to wish me a happy birthday. i felt like i was in a really twilight zone-y version of Sixteen Candles. no joke. everyone forgot and then they all left to go see Star Wars and called me at about 11 to apologize - my sister, my dad, my grandmother! sheesh.

went on a date with my hubby to see Star Wars. It was really awesome. i was not a fan of episodes 1 and 2. i thought the only good thing about them was Ewan McGreggor. but this one was fab. i did fall asleep for about 5 minutes though when they go to wookie-land (not sure what it's called)...i'm such an old woman. i fell asleep!!! how embarrassing!

i did manage to see Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.
Grey's was good as always..but did anyone else catch that they said it was the season finale?? what? didn't they just start? i want more!!! 4 episodes is NOT enough. ah...and Shepherd's married?!! bloody typical. he and Meredith are way too adorable together and he has to go and have himself a wife. argh.

DH was insane. to say the least. Lynette got off too lightly. she totally wants to go back to work. that was an anticlimactic storyline, but i did think Tom was great. really great. Ha! i loved John coming in the courtroom, but i can't believe that now Carlos knows!! crazy! Bree was fantastic as usual, but the poor thing. she didn't even do it. mike is obviously creepy zach's daddy. and it was too obvious that it was Mary-Alice who killed Deirdre and not Paul. but Paul did kill Mrs. Huber, so he's clearly no saint. he should have died instead of Rex. Susan continues to bug.
ah...those HR beeyotches...
It has been reported to me that Alicia Martell is parking in Visitor parking daily --I understand she is pregnant, but this is not a reason for parking in Visitor parking. We have many pregnant employees and only allow them to park in Visitor parking a week or so before their birth date, or during very icy/snowy weather in the their last month.

well, get yourself some freakin' pregnant women parking. there are about 10 handicapped spots and ONE handicapped employee. you'd think a company full of women would figure this out. if i go into labor early because i have to walk a freakin' mile to get to my office, i'll know who to blame!!
Sunday, May 22, 2005
Tana Hate
come on, who's with me? did you not just want to smack her when she was going and on about the freakin' circle?? yes, we get it, Tana. You invented the circle. now sit down and shut the hell up.

and did anyone catch trump when he said "apprentice musical?" what now? musical? first lord of the rings needs a musical, and now this? are they running out of ideas???

methinks she looked slightly arsenio hall-ish with her "woot, woot" but then again, this is a woman who hasn't left the 80's behind yet....think, the bedazzler

no real surprises in this finale...i did feel like there were a whole heck of a lot of commercials, though. it was kind of a waste. but i was happy to see Kendra win. sure, someone prepped her for that 300-pound linebacker retort, but it worked, and she handled herself ver professionally. go Kendra.

i love Carolyn.
the mangling of English
this time it comes from my sister.
one would think after living in Nashville for quite some time, she would catch on to some clearly southern phrases, like y'all.

instead, she's adopted the term "your guyses" what???
she was talking on the phone and said, "Jon, my friend Rebecca is going to your guyses church tomorrow." no joke. she said this. my sister, who has a phd.

a desperate plea...
can someone please please please please tape or tivo or pvr desperate housewives and grey's anatomy for me????

it would be the best birthday present ever!

Thursday, May 19, 2005
in need of some English Patience...
Okay, so i've been trying to read the English Patient for quite some time now, and i'm only about 150 pages in. (granted, i did put it down to read The Rule of Four)

i'm usually a quick reader so this is really pissing me off. and i appreciate good works of literature. i just don't get this book. and i can't get into it.

i find it extremely slow.
i find it extremely boring.
i can't get into any of the characters.
it's killing me.

i had to read the part about the sapper, Kip, showing up about 6 times. i couldn't figure out if it was really happening, if it was a dream, if it was in the past. Michael Ondaatje is trying to be poetic and lyrical, but instead, he's boring and confusing.

the truth is, i'm just beginning to read about the second story - about the English patient before he was burned. so, there's still hope that this will be better than the first story.

perhaps i should just rent the movie to find out how it ends.
one of my friends needs...
...a swift kick in the nuts.

(you know who you are!!)

last night he says to me:
"Wow, you've gained so much more weight that you gained with your last pregnancy."

okay, first of all, not what any pregnant woman likes to hear, whether it's true or not.
and second of all, it's actually not true for me. i've gained about 2 pounds less at this point.

so there.
Carson Daly Sports Wood...
Image hosted by
well...he's sportin' something!!


it looks like Mary Kate saves her best outfits for Paris:
Image hosted by

maybe she should be getting fashion tips from America's worst-dressed preggo:
Image hosted by
Britney? 1985 called. it wants its dress back.


in VERY unsurprising news, Desperate Housewives" actor Cody Kasch was arrested last night after he was caught smoking a joint outside a Lower East Side bar, police said:
Image hosted by
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
There is seriously something wrong with me...
it's most likely because there's just no room to put any food into my body, but i'm totally over food. completely. there's nothing that i want to eat. when i think about all my favorites (well, at least all my preggo favorites), i shudder. sushi? no way! cereal? ew. too sweet. peppers? uh-uh. mexican? blech. chinese? nope. pasta? too carby. soup? too hot.

so, instead of lunch today, i drove fourteen minutes to the nearest starbucks to get me a frappucino. 14 minutes! that's pretty far, now that i think about it. i passed abut 15 second cups and tim hortons along the way. but, alas, i needed a starbucks.

Preggo Update - week 29 aka "Pop goes the Chubbette"
I made two purchases this week that have pretty much saved my life.

the first is a body pillow. i used it last night for the first time, and had the most glorious sleep. I didn't toss and turn. i just went right to sleep. what a pleasure! i can't believe i didn't invest in one of these before!

the second is the Colgate 360. oh, it's amazing. I've been suffering from what i call "hot mouth" (no, it's nothing sick...). i had it during my first trimester and unsurprisngly, it's made it's return in trimester 3. i used to be a gum person - i always had some sort of mint gum in my mouth. all the time. since i got pregnant, however, i haven't been able to look at gum. thus, the hot mouth. no relief that i used to get from gum. i've tried mints, i've tried those listerine strips. nothing works. until now. this toothbrush, for some reason, ah, it's great.

i now officially look pregnant, instead of just chubby. it's about freakin' time. the receptionist in our office was shocked out of her mind on Monday when i walked into the building. She said, "oh my goodness! You're pregnant! i had NO idea." and this is a woman who sees me every single morning. i guess i've "poppped" as they say.
The Pre-Crowning of Bo
Did anyone else feel like the judges were basically handing Bo this competition??

Vonzell - i thought she was good tonight. but, the judges have been pimping a Carrie/Bo final 2, so no matter what baby V brought last night, she'll still be voted out tonight.

Bo - loved "don't let the sun go down on me." i thought he nailed it - however, he seriously needs to lose the sunglasses. and i liked the acapella too. veery good. i wasn't thrilled with the stones song. it's overdone, and Bo's version was just downright a'ight for me.

Carrie - i thought she was great tonight. her version of Cryin' was really good. really, really good. and i love a girl who can sing some air supply. it just made me gooey all over ;) Bring on the cheese, Carrie! The Shania Twain was okay - i thought her shouting "i feel like a woman" was endearing.
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams
Today i have been married for 7 years.
holy crap.

7 years.

and just how are we celebrating this momentous occasion? by going to a charity dinner with 500 of our nearest and dearest. Actually, we could possibly be the only people under 50 there. boy, am i excited. (and just in case you aren't that clever, that was sarcasm.)

that's it. i'm treating myself to a frappucino.

i was so good. really, i was. i hadn't had one in over a year. i gave them up for regular plain old coffee or if i was feeling slightly more daring, i'd have a latte or cappucino. but then, in comes my stepmother, who stops at Starbucks several times a day (no joke). she was in Toronto for 3 days and must have brought me 5 frappucinos. and let's just say...once an addict, always an addict.

i think i need some sort of support group.
until i find one, though, i'm having me a frappucino today.
it's really not all THAT bad. it's only 190 calories.
and i'm getting decaf.
Well...i guess i'll never win Survivor....
lifted from Stacy.

Your Survivor Palau Twin is Ian

Goofy, but an all around nice person.

The Napolean Dynamite of Survivor!

Monday, May 16, 2005
Babies, Babies, Babies...
just want to give a shout out to my friends Sharon and Zvi who had a baby boy last night.

oooh..i can't wait to see him!!!
Lindsay Lohan certainly has been looking anything but pretty these past few weeks. she seems to be dwindling into some sort of freckled Mary-Kate...with horrible blond hair...
Image hosted by

but, you can rest assured.
Lindsay drinks!
Lindsay eats!

Image hosted by

but, she still looks crappy.
Punished aka mental health day
the girl got herself a day off today.
but the way i look at it, it's really a punishment for both her and my nanny.

i really don't understand. it's quite simple actually. i have the kids from the time they wake up until 8 every morning. i give them breakfast and get emily dressed. then, from 8-8:40, Jhoanne is supposed to help the girl get things ready, aka, put her shoes on, her jacket etc. I AM NOT TO BE BOTHERED.

but, alas, every morning, at about 5 after 8, the girl is banging on my door or screaming her head off - or a combination of the two.

so, this morning she was having a fit about wearing her dress-up shoes to school and being too hot in what she was wearing. i told her and if she and jhoanne couldn't figure out how to get her ready for 8:40, i was going to leave without her.

and that's just what i did.

but, there were a few rules. no tv, except for Dora and Boobah (the two shows Emily refuses to watch). no treats. no snacks other than fruits or vegetables. and no beads.

maybe the two of them will learn their lessons today.
Houston, We have a winner...
Okay...last night i was out to dinner with my family, and when i walked in the door my nanny was watching survivor and i walked in to see the final 2...argh...i was so upset...but also trying to figure out how that happened. so, i watched the end and then went back and watched the beginning this morning.

okay...Ian. could he possibly be any worse of a liar? i guess now he'll go down with the Colby award for giving up a million dollars (although if he was in final 2 with Tom, he might not have won).

okay...Katie? what the hell...she didn't even bother to answer Janu's questions? did she think she was going to win without a possible Janu vote? and what the hell? was that even her at the finale? i think Katie's on crack. just an opinion.

okay....Tom. that was totally 100% deserved. your entire tribe had ample opportunity to get rid of you, but no one stepped up. you rocked the challenges. congrats!

okay...i really loved when Tom said, "Oh, it's your soul speaking to us now." i got a good chuckle out of that.

okay....gotta lurve Jeff Probst (although his hair at the reunion show was bothering the crap out of me)...Jeff: "Anybody think I made Janu quit?" Coby: Raises hand
Jeff: "See? Nobody!"

okay...Coby names his daughter Janu?? maybe he's on crack too..
Friday, May 13, 2005
"Oh, does he need a donut or some coffee?"
~~Okay, so Kendra's task looked slightly easier than Tana's, but could they have possibly made viewers despise Tana any more??? I wanted to throw things at my tv, she was upsetting me so much. from her cocky-ness to her bad-mouthing of the people WHO WERE WORKING FOR HER, Tana was an complete arse last night.

~~Kendra's got this in the bag.

~~The lack of American flag was a HUGE mistake. or as Trump would say, YOOGE.

~~Kendra calling "Tana? Tana?" from the toilet had me in stitches. ha!

~~Loved Kendra's face when she saw the brochure. priceless

~~I was actually impressed with Chris for admitting that he was TRYING with Tana.

~~“It’s best when the boss just lets their employees go on ahead of them so they can feel like an employee and I’ll stay back here like an executive.” yeah...okay...

~~Tana is screwed. Congratulations, Kendra. You are the new Apprentice. Why exactly do we need next week???
"I've had it up to here."
~~ I can't figure out Ian. is he just stupid? did he and Tom not decide that it would be best if one of them won to take a female? was he just upset with katie and wanted to stick it to her? and why the hell can't the women EVER get their acts together? Does Katie not see how much better of a shot she has in the final 3 against Jenn and CAryn than Tom and Ian??

~~The best tribal council EVER. "I can't wait to see how this plays out!" Jeff sure is loving this!

~~I'm glad that Caryn got the boot, but not entirely surprised...since Mia spilled the beans :)

~~ha! Katie saying "I don't know what I'm doing" is the first true thing out of her mouth in weeks.

~~Ian needs to learn how to lie. big time. stuttering incoherently is NOT going to get people to believe you.

~~Katie's still fat. they could have edited out her tummy rolls in some of the challenge shots..for the sake of all of our stomachs.

~~SHould be an interesting finish. Jenn better hope she wins immunity.
Thursday, May 12, 2005
Because i'm a sucker for these things...
...and i'm incredibly bored at work..

swiped from nickle annie.

1. Alicia
2. Ali
3. E

1. ktchandle
2. alimartell
3. alimartell1

1. my eyes
2. my ass
3. my hair

1. my stomach
2. my stomach
3. my stomach

1. German
2. Polish
3. English

1. puking
2. people aroung me puking
3. dying

1. chapstick medicated
2. bath and body works hand lotion
3. mac lipgloss

1. black bra
2. black shirt
3. black boots (cuz it's so freakin' cold out)

1. u2
2. Sarah Mclachlan
3. Dave Matthews Band

1. The Space BEtween - DMB
2. New Slang - The Shins
3. Your Song - Elton John

1. someone who will love me no matter what
2. someone to wake up next to
3. someone to laugh with

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE: (Which is a lie?)
1. some days my eyes are green and some days they are blue
2. i can touch my nose with my tongue
3. i have brown nipples

1. nice smile
2. nice stomach
3. nice eyes

1. scrapbooking
2. shopping
3. writing

1. take a nap
2. get my pre-pregnancy body back
3. get a really good massage

1. chef
2. tv talk show host
3. columnist

1. Italy
2. Ireland
3. Hawaii

1. Emily
2. Joshua
3. you'll have to wait until august to find out this one!!

1. get my novel published
2. swim with dolphins
3. Look into my children's eyes, see myself, and smile

1. i take a long time to get ready
2. i cry at movies and tv shows
3. i love pink!

1. Jude Law
2. Josh Duhamel
3. Jared Leto

1. Anyone
2. Who
3. Reads It!
and I lived to tell about it..

well, the good news is that the Martell household is now officially stomach virus free. You can't actually see it, but I'm doing a happy dance, right at this moment :)

Yesterday was a nightmare. I spent the day in bed with season 4 of Sex and the City. Most women would think this was a blessing. a day off work with nothing to do but lay around and watch tv. for me, it was slightly different. whatever position I would put myself in to try to make my nausea go away, my pregnant body would reject out of discomfort. and whatever position I could put myself in to feel comfortable pregnancy-wise, made me feel like I was going to puke my guts out. a clear no-win situation. So, I tossed and turned ALL FREAKIN' DAY. I turned on the fan. I rearranged the pillows. I took a bath. but nothing worked.

so, today I'm feeling better. except I feel like I could use a 6-hour massage. no joke. my back is in really bad shape...and sitting at a desk all day is certainly not going to help.

I did manage to watch Anthony Federov get booted from American Idol. thank goodness. I think the final 3 is really great! I don't, however, understand why we need a half an hour show to give us 30 seconds of information. doesn't make any sense to me. what a waste of time.

On Tuesday, since it was our nanny's birthday, I wanted to stop and pick up some doughnuts on the way home. I know she loves them and I thought it would be better than cake.. So, I pull into Krispy Kreme and it looks surprisingly dead. as I drive closer I realize that the sign's down and the windows are all boarded up. The closed Krispy Kreme!! How could they? This is a pregnant woman's nightmare (even though i've only had one doughnut this entire pregnancy). I'm not happy about this. anyone know if the one by best buy at Wilson is still open??

Every so often I check out how people are getting to this blog. There were two google searches done that really caught my eye. the first was: manny adina gav blog. I found this rather amusing. all 3 of those people are my family members (I won't say who they are to protect the innocent :)) and not one of them has a blog. and the second was: adina gav britney spears. hmm...just funny I guess. whoever you are, I hope you like what you see and you keep reading...:)
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Back Tomorrow...
home with the stomach flu.
Best. Finish. Ever.
~~I was dying when Uchenna and Joyce were scrounging for money. i thought that Rob and Amber would sneak in and win. i was sooo happy that they didn't. Uchenna and Joyce truly deserved this! they are pure class.

~~"Smart-A" ah, Kelly. and "Ahhhh. The smell of a third world country again." ah, Ron. get off my tv. i'm so glad you two didn't win.

~~HAAAA! "Oh, so you want to cheat on the race?"

~~Okay, i'm sorry, but "in-vitro here we come" had me in tears.

~~Did anyone else wonder what on earth happened to my favorite brothers?? methinks they got a little too happy with their shavers.
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Ahh, Another Meme . . .
Choose five of these professions and finish the sentence...

If I could be a scientist... If I could be a farmer...
If I could be a musician... If I could be a doctor...
If I could be a painter... If I could be a gardener...
If I could be a missionary... If I could be a chef...
If I could be an architect... If I could be a linguist...
If I could be a psychologist... If I could be a librarian...
If I could be an athlete... If I could be a lawyer...
If I could be an innkeeper... If I could be a professor...
If I could be a writer... If I could be a backup dancer...
If I could be a llama-rider... If I could be a bonnie pirate...
If I could be a midget stripper... If I could be a proctologist...
If I could be a TV-Chat Show host... If I could be an actor...
If I could be a judge... If I could be a Jedi...
If I could be a mob boss... If I could be a backup singer...
If I could be a CEO... If I could be a movie reviewer...

Choose five people to pass it onto when you are finished.

If I could be a TV-Chat Show host... i'd be in heaven. getting paid to talk all day long...what could be better than that??

If I could be an architect... i'd design my dream home...not like the home i have right now where my bedroom is the size of China but my walk-in closet is 2 feet by 2 feet.

If I could be a chef...I would figure out a way to make sugar-free, fat-free, calorie-free cookies that taste like freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. yum. and i'd eat them all day, every day.

If I could be a Jedi... I'd have my way with Ewan McGreggor.

If I could be a proctologist... I could totally take Manny on with his crazy hospital "You wouldn't believe what i did today" stories!

I would like Stacy at House of Snark, Becca at dasBecca, Beth at So the Fish Said, Tisha at the World According to Tish, and Amy at Sail on Silver Girl to do this. So, Tag! You're it!
~~Renee Zellweger sure moves fast. The Oscar-winner, 36, and country star Kenny Chesney, 37, got hitched yesterday on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The couple has only known each other for four months!! You think Renee has gone the way of Britney and Jennifer Garner???

Image hosted by

~~So, Oprah reveals her "deep, dark secret": "Stedman and I have a daughter. She has issues and I think it's my fault." The audience gasps and she puts a gigantic picture up of her dog, folks. Her freakin' dog.

~~ I can't figure out what's more disturbing. The fact that she's wearing a jumpsuit to begin with, or the fact that she's paired it with turquoise heels??!!
Image hosted by

~~ Watch as Paula Abdul makes an even bigger ass of herself...
Karma is a bitch, yo!
so, i always schedule my OB appointments for 2pm, right when they all come back from lunch. it's seemed to work the best for me, and it means that i get to leave work early, which is always a plus.

i always get there a few minutes early. they don't open the doors until about 1:55, so i get there at about 1:50. this is strategic. if i'm the first one in line waiting to get into the room, i'm the first one to check in, and therefore, i'm the first one to see the doctor.

so, yesterday, i got there at my usual 1:50. a woman and her mother showed up a minute or so later. naturally, one would assume, that i would be first in line. i was there first. but, when they opened up the door, the woman raced in to be the first in line. so, she checked in ahead of me, and looked at me with a little "ha! I won" smirk on her face.

i sat down and pulled out my People magazine. i wasn't going to let her ruin my day.
and then, it was like magic.

"Alicia?" they called me in first. imagine what that did to her little smirk.
Monday, May 09, 2005
Is it safe to believe it yet??
E! online has come and said that Jennifer Garner is 3-months pregnant.
Desperate Dragging...
~~ I love me some Desperate Housewives, but last night's episode wasn't its usual great. the husband thinks it has jumped the shark...i'm hoping it's just making way for a kick-ass season finale. let's hope that i'm right and he's wrong.

~~ "You can have an affair with anyone you want, and you choose a pharmacist? You're such a Republican." best. line. of. the. night. I love Edie. almost as much as i love Bree.

~~ “It seems like a reasonable precaution since you killed Martha and all. Would you like a cookie?” Felicia is AWESOME.

~~ I actually LOVED Lynette last night. for the first time. perhaps it's because i've been there - a stay at home mom who constantly smells of baby puke or perhaps it's because she wasn't making a complete ass of herself like she usually does. BUT, i do think that all she needed to do was take Tom upstairs to the shower...

~~ thank heavens that Susan's mom is gone.

~~ ew. Tom in a bikini brief? off to lose my dinner now...

~~ "I'm going to get really fat as a tribute to your mother." ha! Gabrielle cracks me up. i thought Carlos was going to jail? is that not happening any time soon?
Mother's Day Lament
i hope all you mommies out there had a terrific mother's day. certainly wasn't terrific. my two little ones are both coming off the stomach flu. the boy is afraid to use the bathroom and the girl is milking this sickness for all it's worth.

and then, wonder of wonders, my dear hubby wakes up feeling sick first thing Sunday morning.

grand. just grand.

well, i got to sleep in until 7! (woohoo! what a sleep-in!), and was at the supermarket by 8:05, did the shopping, came home, unpacked the shopping, made a baked ziti and chocolate chip cookies for our mother's day brunch at my sister in law's, and this was all before 11.

no card. no "happy mother's day". no flowers. no surprise really...
Friday, May 06, 2005
I think Frasier's been drinking with Kirsten Cohen...

They even caught it on video. check it out here. you won't be sorry.
Bring on the Hate!!
Maybe it's the pregnancy bringing out my inner bitch.
But, i'm about ready to strangle someone right now.
I was so excited to go down to the employee store...since it's been 6 weeks since i've gone, and i stood in line (ever so patiently...which was tough, since my patience is beginning to wear thin as well) for 25 minutes.
as i neared the front, the montior told me that i couldn't go into the store because i had open-toed shoes.

what. the. hell.???

I'm so angry. could she not see that i'd been waiting there forever? could she not see that i'm 6 freakin' months pregnant?

what an ass.
"I don't respond to references before 1990."
~~my favorite line (besides the above one, of course) was when Seth said Zach's hair was Shaun Cassidy.

~~what's with this "I'm a waterpolo player, we're never nice" bullshit?? Zach is nice. period.

~~Caleb and Julie are just annoying. get divorced already. or kill Caleb already. just do something please.

~~Theresa? returns? yikes!

~~Okay, i love Summer and all, but when she but when she did that whole thing, "No one be messing with my men!" and snaps her fingers thing, i about died. all i kept thinking was..."oh no, she didn't!"

~~and i'll admit, i'm enjoying the Ryan/Trey/Marissa storyline much more than the Summer/Zach/Seth triangle.

~~the accident was pretty predictable.
The Return of the Balutes! (Jenn impressed the hell out of me with that one!)
~~what a great episode. the husband and i replayed Jenn's face as Gregg was snuffed. it was downright demonic. she's pissed. and she was totally blindsided. AWESOME!! i love it!

~~and why is Katie still so fat? no one lives out in the wilderness for that long and keeps that much flab on her body. i mean, really, she must have a secret snickers stash somewhere.

~~and Coby having spasms over on the jury...classic. and what's with Stephenie? she looked much better when she was dirty.

~~Caryn's dead wrong. getting out first in the reward challenge was a clear indication of where you stood in the tribe. Remember, Tom had only promised you 6th....

~~Ian's facial hair bugs. he's got no beard, but he's got some weird cheek hair. ew.

~~gotta love Tom's "shady lady Katie"

~~at first i thought Ian was a dumb-ass for running and telling KAtie...but it worked to their advantage. she got too nervous about the purple rock, putting her chances in jeopardy, so she switched sides.
And like that...he's gone...
~~so, straight and to the point, Craig is given the big ole' heave ho. "Craig, all the executives agreed you suck, so get the hell out of my office." obviously, not TRump's actual wording, but that sure was what he was saying!

~~the return of Danny makes me cringe. he seriously needs to stop singing jingles. seriously.

~~and what the hell is the matter with Chris? he needed to call Tana because he couldn't find parking? what is he, three years old? Kristen, Chris and Brian truly are the Three Stooges. She couldn't have gotten a more incompetant staff. and i loved Tana shmoozing with Carolyn in the limo. it probably wasn't the most professional move...but it made me smile.

~~While i'm happy that this season's winner will be a woman, i fear that both Tana and Kendra would both be eaten alive by Trump and his world. And let's pray to heaven that Tana never wears that furry red thing again.

~~i feel like it's anybody's game at this point..
Thursday, May 05, 2005
Preggo Update - Week 27
Here it is, folks!
The home stretch.
The lovely third trimester.

so, this is my third pregnancy, and for the third time, i am carrying the baby high (so don't start guessing if it's a girl or a boy, since i have one of each...). I don't experience that frequent need to pee. heck, i don't even get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom!!!!

what i do have, however, is a 2 1/2 pound hula dancer living somewhere around my lungs and ribcage. i can't breathe. ever. i am constantly trying to physically push my stomach down do i can expand my torso and give myself a little breathing room. yah, in case you were wondering, it doesn't really work. all it does it make my co-workers laugh.

well..speaking of boy or girl...what do you guys think it is???
to give you some old wives help....
1)the heartbeat is fast
2) my stomach looks neither like a watermelon nor like a basketball - - it actually just looks like flabby-flab
3)i'm carrying high
4)i prefer the middle of the bread - not the heel
5)baby is VERY active
6)i'm craving mexican, chinese, and sushi. oh, and frozen yogurt. so, that's both sweet and salty.
7)my skin is awful...
8)but my ass is still awesome :)
9)i would show you my hands palm up
10) i've only had one pregnancy dream and the baby was a boy.

anyone want to take a guess????
Thank Heavens
for small favors.

buh-bye Scary Scott Savol.
Pet Peeve of the Day
you know what totally irks me?

when someone forwards you an email that you've already gotten. case in point. my boss does this ALL THE TIME. someone will send an email to both me and her and then she doesn't look to see that it's already been sent to me, so she sends it to me. then my inbox gets flooded with all these double emails.

what a pain.
Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Okay...does someone want to tell me...
What disease Katie Holmes picked up in Rome??

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

hope she didn't get that from Tom...
The Newest Is She/Isn't She debate
now that we know about Britney Spears and her little bun, we can move on to other speculations.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

What thinks you?
preggers? yay or nay?

i say no...but then again...i was wrong about Britney.

and speaking of everyone's favorite pregnant lady (well, except for me, of course), can someone please teach Mrs. Federline how to dress?? I mean, seriously, this is just embarrassing:

Image hosted by
So THAT's what a whirling dervish is!!!!
~~ew. some random woman's lipstick. i would have hoped that the beauty queen would have had more sense than that. ew. too bad it didn't help with her acne.

~~anyone else catch Rob say "Devish?"

~~i want to give Uchenna a hug. he was so sweet to try and help Gretchen and Meredith. and Gretchen and Meredith were so dumb to even attempt to do such a physical task.

~~loved Amber in the Sherlock Holmes get-up.

~~they may not have been anything better last night than watching all the frustrated drivers, especially Meredith. ha!

~~i can't tell who is the bigger ass - Ron or Kelly. methinks they may deserve each other.

can't wait for next week!!
Top Five
the round-up:
Anthony - this boy sure can bring the suck, can't he? he's so going home tonight.

Scott - his first song, i will admit, was quite good. one of his best. but, was that make-up he was wearing? women's make-up? and did someone wax his eyebrows? i thought his second song was god-awful, though. "I'm not going home." what an ass. i hope he goes home, just for saying that.

Vonzell - her first song was fantastic. i love that she grows more and more confidence each week.

- his Stand By Me started out awesome. it weakened at the end, but still a good performance. I will admit that i loathe that Los Lonely Boys song, but Bo rocked it. he did great last night.

Carrie - awesome. she finally got some life into her. i actually smiled when she kicked the mic stand. and what chart was carrie's second song on? wasn't it the song playing in season 1 of Dawson's Creek when Dawson and Joey kiss for the first time??? i swear it is.

bottom 3: i'm guessing it will be Scott, Anthony, and Vonzell, with Anthony going home. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SCARY SCOTT GO HOME BUT I'VE GIVEN UP HOPE....
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
remember when i stole the chair??

well...i put my old crappy chair at this other desk, and today when i walked by, i noticed that my old crappy chair has been replaced by a brand spanking new chair. why is it that i had that piece of shit for an entire year...

holy crap!!
today is my one year anniversary at my job! crazy!
Someone please give Nicole Kidman a sandwich...
Last night i went to see The Interpreter.
It was surprisingly entertaining.
Mind you, i was distracted by the fact that Nicole Kidman's birdlike legs are about as tall as Sean Penn and the fact that her hair was in a different place each time the camera cut to her and the fact that her "African" accent didn't sound a bit African to me.

Image hosted by

but, both Nicole Kidman's evasive translator of mystery and Sean Penn's grimly brokenhearted federal agent were convincing. They had just the right mix of tension and chemistry. Granted, there are some plot holes and moments that i had to suspend belief, but i thought it was a genuine political thriller - complete with a little romance, a little intrigue, and a little comic relief.
Paris is too HOT for tv...
Image hosted by

Set to the song "I Love Paris in the Springtime," the Carl's Jr. 30-second commercial spot shows Hilton washing a car "with hoses shooting everywhere and her soaping everything up," said the source. Touting the BBQ Six Dollar Burger, it plays off her catch phrase, "That's hot."

The restaurant is no stranger to politically incorrect advertising, and has taken flack in the past for an ad that showed a woman putting a fist in her mouth and another where a woman sits on a slowly grinding mechanical bull while eating a burger.

so, the girl whose claim to fame is a video that was never released in theaters, will now have a commercial that will never be releasd on tv. Now, that's hot!
Monday, May 02, 2005
Picture Pages....
~~ Looks like Tara's got a weird-ass stomach to match her even weirder looking breasts:
Image hosted by

~~ You KNOW you're skinny when you can almost successfully hide behind your coffee:
Image hosted by

~~ Is it just me or does Cynthia Nixon's girlfriend looks oddly like Bilbo Baggins?? (this one is for you, Adina!):
Image hosted by

~~ Because I just can't get enough:
Image hosted by

~~ Now, that, my friends, is a whole lotta beef:
Image hosted by
Come on, you know you wanted to see it...
Image hosted by

this is me at 26 weeks...
anyone else...
loving Grey's Anatomy???

first of all, i'm in love with Patrick Dempsey. i'm adding him to my pretend celebrity boyfriend list. see it here. (sorry, you'll have to scroll down a little bit...i still don't know how to link it someone!!!). I'm taking out Josh Hartnett (since he was a bit of a push...) and adding Patrick Dempsey.

Image hosted by

also, the gigantic tumor? awesome! i saw this lady on Oprah who had the same exact thing and had it removed. it was 90 freakin' pounds. insane!

and the patient overhearing the doctor thing? even though it was done years ago on Chicago Hope (anyone remember Christine Lahti commenting on the size of the patient's penis....a classic!) - i LOVED it.

ah...this is a good show. i think i may have enjoyed it more than Desperate Housewives last night.

did i just write that??? :)
"Oh My Heavenly Days!"
~~Wow, just when i thought the Lynette-hate couldn't get any worse...she goes and pulls a stunt like this. She needs to grow up...and seek some therapy.

~~anyone else catch the "HAFTS" agency shout out to SHAFT??? ha! love it!

~~Personally, if i were Gabrielle, i wouldn't have told Carlos that i was pregnant. but that's just me. if she knows he did it, it would just give him the satisfaction of knowing that he succeeded.

~~When they showed Zach playing with the lighter, are we to assume that he lit the fire in Susan's house?? He is crazy, but i didn't think he would set the house on fire...

~~"Zach, you're not that special." Wow! Paul REALLY is evil!

~~loved the pool scene. but, George still gives the heeby-jeebees.

~~my favorite scene, though, was the clueless guy at the coffee machine during the lynette and ginger catfight. hilarious!

~~and my second favorite..."Yes, I know taking the pill is a sin. It's a 99.9% effective sin."

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