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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
the chrismukah far...
number of trees: 2
number of menorahs: 3
number of presents opened: 2 (one for the boy and one for the girl)
number of presents to be opened: about 100
number of pieces of pumpkin pie eaten by me: 3
number of movies watched: 4
number of movies seen in theater: 1
number of times my grandmother said, "i'll tell you something. she [emily] is never going to get lost in thus world!": 12
number of major things forgotten at home: 1
number of times i was puked on: 1

having your 3 children be complete angels on the trip here: priceless read that right. puked on. in a restaurant. by emily. she was trying to prove that she could eat it all. coughed and then vomited. in. my. hands. ah!! i was so calm. cleaned her up and headed for the bathroom. talk about traumatic.

we took them to see cheaper by the dozen 2. of all the movies out right now. that's what we saw. the girl was in heaven because her favorite, hilary duff, was in it. i'm hoping to see brokeback mountain, but everyone here's refusing to see it.

major thing forgotten at home? car seat base. car seat will not go into car without it. yes, this was major. the husband too the bella home on marta and we are now the proud owners of another carseat.

hope you all had a merry christmas and are having a happy chanukah.
i'm having both :)

angels. complete angels in the airport. and on the delayed flight. they really were so good. it helped that joshie made a friend, daniel, who kept him busy for most of the flight so the girl could watch the ice princess.
Friday, December 23, 2005
Bad Mood Rising.
can't really pinpoint it.

it's probably because my husband is putting lots of pressure on me to get a job.

he's right. i can't afford to pay for my nanny ($500/2 weeks) and not work. because not only am i not making any money, i'm having to pay someone on top of that. but there's lots to consider. leaving my gorgeous baby girl. i don't know if i can. i am enjoying her so much. also, i was home for joshie and's not really fair to her. i'm thinking of getting rid of my nanny for a while, just to save some money. also, because she's just not that great of a nanny.

oh, and, my sister in law (for the record, i love her to death and am sooooo happy for her. really happy.) got a job in publishing. just like that. no interview at all. no job searching. and she can freakin' work from home. why don't things just happen to me like that? pefect jobs falling right out of the sky.

oh, and also, i brought up the idea of going back to school and getting a teaching degree (one year program that my mom offered to pay for!!) so i could work part-time while the kids are little, only to have the husband tell me that i'd make a terrible teacher. that truly was an ass-y thing to say.

it's probably because i'm tired.

isabella is a good sleeper. i really can't complain. but, i'm still tired. don't judge.

my kids tire me out. the girl is so mentally tiring, and the boy is so physically tiring these days.

it's probably because i loathe friday carpools.

i drive 4 kids. emily and three boys. emily is soo well behaved. she can get out of the classroom, carry her stuff, get in and out of the car, go into the afternoon school, sit down and attempt to eat her lunch, pack up and make it to the classroom by 12:25. the three boys. not so much. it takes them so long to get out of the classroom. they drop all their belongings OUTSIDE of my car. then i have to buckle each one in, over snowpants. not fun. then when i take them out of the van, they race off, leaving all their belongings in the car. then i fight with the bags to get inside. then i fight with the boys to sit still and try to eat. not act like total goons. then i fight with the boys to pack up all their stuff and throw their garbage away. then i fight with them to make it to class. sheesh. this is not something i'd wish on anyone.

it's probably because even though i have lots of friends, i feel lonely.

just. no real comment on this.

it's probably because i feel fat and ugly even though i know i am neither of these things.

i wear a size 0. sometimes a 1. all my 2's are now getting big on me. i am skinny. i know this. but when i look in the mirror, all i see is a buddha belly and thunder thighs. i see pockets of loose skin. i am now seeing wrinkles. wrinkles. i'm 27 years old!

it's probably because i'm stressed about flying to atlanta on sunday.

i do not travel well. at all. i get anxious. i'm get nervous about the kids behaving. the idea of trying to shlep all of our stuff through the airport, through customs, get to the gate, get on the plane. get into atlanta. ga. i'm tired just thinking about it. i'm nervous about isabella once we get there. being out of her normal environment. it wasn't good last month when we went. i'm nervous about the kids getting sick. without fail, every time we travel, the kids get sick before we go. once it was croup, once it was asthma acting up, twice it was stomach flu. i can't imagine what's coming our way in the next few days.
Thursday, December 22, 2005
how many times can you win this award???
y'all know which one i'm talking about.
the worst mother in the world award.

emily had a birthday party this afternoon.
what kind of name is that anyway?
anyway, i knew it was this afternoon, but somehow the invitation got thrown out.

then at about 4:00, i found on one of our calendars that the party was at 3:30.
who the heck makes a party at 3:30 in the afternoon on a thursday??

so, i know the last name is shulman, so i looked it up on canada 411. i thought i remembered the party being on york hill, so i found a shulman on york hill. we raced out of the house, only to find the house deserted.

so, by now it's 4:30 - halfway through the party.
i call shana. no one home.
i don't know anyone else from her class' numbers offhand, so we drove home.

poor emily.
i looked at her. she was fighting back the tears. i could see them welling up in her eyes.
then she burst out crying, "it's not fair."

i feel awful.
the thing is, though, that she doesn't even like Puli.
but, she's still upset.
i offered her everything and anything i could think of.
she didn't bite.
now she's sitting on my bed, depressed.
Guess the Celebrity Couple
Image hosted by


Image hosted by

It's Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.
love them!
going apeshit
okay, i'll admit it. i didn't really want to see King Kong.
it was the same as with lord of the rings, really (so it's somewhat funny that they are both Peter Jackson movies). not exactly my style of movie, but i was interested in seeing moviemaking history. does that make any sense? i was interested in seeing the special effects. additionally, i feel that it's one of those "need to see" movies. you know the kind that when you say, "oh, i haven't seen ___" the person's mouth drops to the floor and as they are picking it up off the pavement say, "you haven't seen _______??!!?!?!" in complete and utter disbelief.

we went to see it last night with sharon and zvi and aaron and adrienne. just a funny side story. aaron had gone to see harry potter on saturday night and bought a huge bucket of popcorn that gave free last night he brought the bucket back to get a refill. adrienne kept calling him a loser, but i really thought it was a brilliant move. i'm thinking of borrowing it from him the next time i see a movie :) thoughts on the movie. Jack Black. meh. to me, he will always be Ned Shneebly. Naomi Watts was fantastic. really, really great. and Adrien Brody...well, he's always aces for me. Oh, and about halfway through the movie i told the husband that Jimmy looked exactly like the Billy Elliot kid (i was right) and zvi said that the one-eyed man was Gollum (he was right too).

okay, this movie, scary as hell! going in, i didn't realize that this was the case. i thought it was about a blonde and an ape and the empire state building (obviously, i have not seen the original). dinosaurs? no one told me. secret islands? big, gigantic bugs? scary natives? i didn't know about any of these things. king kong was the least scary thing about this movie.

even without seeing the original, though, i did manage to catch the discussion of getting Fay to be in the movie. but then, Tom Hanks' son (that's how i'll always think of him) says that she's busy doing something for RKO and Cooper. that's Fay Ray, the original King Kong blonde and the movie she was doing was making Kong for RKO. funny, that.

i found it a little long at times. but, in the end, i enjoyed. and was thankful that i finally dragged the husband to a movie that he liked. he's notorious for hating everything.
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
i really do have a porker!

my bella's stats at 4 months are:
14.5 pounds....that's 60th%
25 inches....that's 75th%

and for those of you who think she has a big head....her head is small...50th%.

my god! she's so big. after having two who rode the 10th and 20th percentiles...this is just fantabulous.
my eyes are going crazy!
okay...over the last year i have experiemented with about 17 different mascaras.
all experiments end the same way. me with goopy eyelashes. me throwing mascara in garbage can.

i thought, obviously, the more expensive it is...the better.
so, i bought a $35 dollar tube. big mistake. it was awful.
then i figured that since i love MAC make-up so much, their mascara has to be good. wrong.
then i went back to my roots. the first mascara i ever tried was maybelline great lash that i swiped from my sister. bought one of those. maybe it's maybelline? maybe not.
then i tried loreal's voluminous mascara. no. and no.
then i tried Cover Girl's triple mascara. this one may have been the worst of all.

anyone know if there's a shopping bags episode on mascara??? i could use it.
aha. found it.
they tried 4:
Maybelline Great Lash Cost: $4.99
Revlon’s Lash Fantasy with primer Cost: $9.49
Body Shop Cost: $13
Lancôme Flextencil Cost: $28

Overall Results
The Revlon may have stayed on the best in watery situations but we didn’t like the idea of an extra step of applying a primer first – when it didn’t seem to have any noticeable benefits.

Lancôme was the winner for looks and application – all of us agreed that it had the best brush.
But when we found out the Lancôme was six times the price of the Maybelline we couldn’t justify that it was six times better, so all of us girls switched to the Maybelline mascara to get the job done.

cripes. now i'm back where i started. they like one that i despise.

anyone have any suggestions? please?
Cincinnati dreaming...
okay...first it produces the Linz family...and now they've got my Jeremy Piven pimping cell phones...i would most definitely buy a cell phone from him..or 2 or 3 or 4...

in other completely unrelated Entourage news...the man behind the turtle has died of an asthma attack. how sad is that? Donnie "Donkey" Carroll was the inspiration for the character “Turtle” on Entourage. he was 39. 39!! and he had a 10 year old child.
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
oh, why yes, that is me... the new Robin Williams movie, "Man of the Year"!!!

my father in law told me that they were filming a movie at the "Y" today and that they were looking for extras. i decided to go and check it out.

i got there at about 11:30ish and couldn't find where i was supposed to be. suddenly i found myself in this actors holding area. all the people waiting there had been stamped and all had agents and had been there since 9 this morning. i was pretty annoyed that i was in the wrong place when some really really sweet lady said to me, "oh, they aren't checking. when they call the 10:30 call, just go." so, they called it (obviously way behind schedule) and i followed the herd of people into the gym.

we filed in and were standing around. out of the corner of my eye, i saw Robin Williams and Christopher Walken standing about 3 feet from me, getting their gobs of make-up touched up. ah! so cool! then they got on stage and Mr. Williams entertained the audience while the shot was being set up. he was hysterical...cracking lots of canadian jokes and poking fun at people in the "audience." they had to do about 15 takes of his "political speech" because he kept ad-libbing his own commentary.

finally, they got their shot and let us go.
oh yeah, i'm so cool.
what is it with all these celebrities...
....i think Rachel McAdams needs to fire the person who got her dressed. and i use the word 'dressed' loosely.
Monday, December 19, 2005
it's just not meant to be, i guess.
like Beth, for whatever reason, I do not photograph well.
my place, clearly, is behind the camera.

last night, during our annual martell family holiday secret santa gift exchange, i tried to get a picture of me opening my gift. i figured, hey, perfect time. i actually took a shower yesterday, blew my hair dry, and managed to put on some makeup. i was looking hot.

this is what happened.

Image hosted by
attempt #1 - business as, with my eyes half-mast.

Image hosted by
attempt #2 - me trying to close my eyes BEFORE the picture is taken. the husband snaps too soon.

Image hosted by
attempt #3 - let's try black and white. nope. doesn't help.

Image hosted by
attempt #4 - beginning to feel like that scene in "The Ring" where Rachel realizes that everyone who has seen the tape comes out distorted in photos. that's me, folks. distorted.

Image hosted by
attempt #5 - move to different location. perhaps the lights are screwing with the picture. um, yeah. no. and no.

i'm beginning to think that the problem is only 50% mine. the other 50% goes to the photographer, who clearly can not take a decent photo.

shameless plea...
Image hosted by

since Genuine is not eligible....
nominate me!nominate me!nominate me!
you won't be sorry.

and if you don't like me all that much...nominate someone else :)
Saturday night live
Adina and Manny came over on Saturday night tp play our new game. it was good times, i tell you, and not only because i won (although that was a nice perk...especially after losing to the husband at scattergories last week...).

i'm pretty sure that i just got lucky. one of my questions - for a piece - was "what does the O.C. stand for on the popular tv show?" Adina was NOT happy.

at one point we were discussing Colonel Sanders. i'm not even sure why. and we were talking about him being a staple of the south.
someone said, "well, at least we know he's from Kentucky."
so i said, "how do you know that?"
all three of them looked at me in complete disbelief and began laughing uncontrollably.
"Um...Ali...KENTUCKY fried chicken."
i about died.
i'm highly embarrassed.

and i totally 100% got robbed on a question. it was, "what is snapple's catchphrase?" i choked and said, "um..the best stuff on earth?" the answer is, "Made from the best stuff on earth." and they didn't give it to me!!!! (even though adina had the question..."What eric clapton classic begins with him saying 'see if you can spot this one'?"...and the husband went on to sing the intro. which gave her the answer.) cheap, i tell you. but, then again, i wouldn't have given the snapple question to anyone else...
Friday, December 16, 2005
a buffet for your brain
Image hosted by

Feast #74

What is a word that your family uses that would not be considered common?
hmm...a toughie. my mom uses the word "bubbler" when she's talking about a water fountain. i think that's a milwaukee thing. i always thought it was weird. and "gimmies" instead of sprinkles on ice cream. oh, and she says "rubbish" instead of garbage. and my mother in law calls napkins, "serviettes" because she's British.

What theme of calendar do you have on your wall this year?
my 2005 calendar is a word of the day one. sadly, i've got nothin' for 2006 yet...

Name 3 people you speak with on a daily basis.
depends on that you mean by speak...i mean, i obviously speak to the husband, and i speak to Orah, and usually Sharon, and Tova...and Gilda...depends on the day too...

Main Course
If you could put a new tattoo on someone you know - who would it be, what would the tattoo be of, and where would you put it on them?
who would i put a tattoo on, you mean besides myself? i guess i would probably put some sort of chinese symbol on the husband, on his forearm maybe?

What is the last beverage you drank out of a glass bottle?
it was when i was in israel, in 1997. and it was diet coke.
Thursday, December 15, 2005
here ya go adina!!

Image hosted by

there are two older brothers, one is married, and one younger brother, who is still in high school.

4 months
i can't believe that my baby is four months old already!

she has definitely changed in the last month. she's finally getting interactive and fun!
she can roll over.
she can laugh out loud.
she can grab for toys.
and put them straight into her mouth.
she can take her paci out, and put it back in (about 80% of the time)
she can reach for me. but only me.
she can play in her exersaucer.
she can drool more than a newfoundland.
she can squeal and screech in delight.
she can sit in her swing and watch baby beethoven from start to finish and not stop smiling.

she really had become quite the little lady. she is very picky about where she eats. it needs to be in a quiet, dark room. she does allow me to watch tv, which is kind of her. and she's not all that interested in the nursing. no surprise there. it was about 4 months when the girl and the boy began to show their disinterest as well.

she's become slightly spoiled and likes to be rocked to sleep during the day. occasionally she will fall asleep on her own in the bouncy chair or in the stroller or car, but some days she will go an entire day without a nap. i won't complain, really, because she's sooo happy and sleeps so nicely at night (no one would listen if i were to complain....).

she's quite the porker, with the most delicious thighs in the world. i swear, i just want to eat them up. she loves the bath, and would stay in forever if only daddy would allow it. and this is her favorite toy these days. oh, and this too. but i want to take this and throw it against the wall, it's THAT annoying.
Image hosted by
one more mom story...
because i couldn't resist.

we were talking about the tv shows that we watch, and she said that she loved Commander in Chief. i admitted that i'd never seen it, and really didn't have much interest.

"Really? it's the BEST show!"
"Surely it can't be the best show, mom. no one i know is watching it." (although i did just read that it was nominated for a golden globe for best drama..)
"Really, you should be watching."
"I should be watching?"
"See, that's what wrong with our society. the women never support the women."
"You all more interested in a good looking man than a really great woman."
"Mom, you do realize that this is a television show. it's not a real president. you know that right?"
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
25 days and 50 cities later...
we FINALLY have the end of the worst installment of the Amazing Race.
but, since Adina and i can't NOT watch, she came over to watch with me last night.

and we were way too excited that first they went to Montreal (where she lives) and then they went to Toronto (where i live) woot! on an interesting side if you didn't think Canadians were weird enough, adina told me that it is illegal in quebec to have yellow margarine. illegal. margarine.

and the final task? awesome. although i really would have liked to have seen the weavers even try to fill in a map.

i love the linz family. i was rooting for them from the first episode. stade. "Who dey? Who dey? Who dey that think they can beat the Linzes? No one, 'cause we won the million dollars!"

and i think Carissa saying "GO WALLY!" might have been the cutest thing I've ever seen..

good way to end a really big mistake of a season, phil. hats off to you. and coming in february - - 5 continents people!! woohoo!
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
my mother
i know what you're thinking.
it's going to be one of those posts.

but, actually, as far as my mother goes, this was one of the best visits. mostly because it was the shortest. long enough for her to get a fix of the kids, but short enough that i didn't want to lose my mind by the end of it. two days. perfection.

there are a few interesting tidbits to share.

a) my mother does not cook. or bake. she doesn't have a mixmaster. and she calls her cuisanart a "cuisanar" and i don't have the heart to correct her.

so, here's the story. i was getting mighty frustrated because i was making a new sugar cookie recipe for Emily's bake sale at school tomorrow. i doubled the recipe and didn't realize until halfway through that my kitchedaid is just not big enough to hold a recipe that takes 7 1/2 cups of flour. so, i took all the ingredients out and dumped them in a mixing bowl and pulled out the hand mixer i haven't used since 1998, only to realize that the mixing bowl, my biggest one, was too small as well.
so, in went the hands.
and there was my mother.
standing over my shoulder.
watching every minute.
adding her two cents.

"your dough looks like there's not enough liquid. how many sticks of margarine did you use? how many eggs? MY sugar cookie recipe has orange juice in it."

exsqeeze me? YOUR sugar cookie recipe? which one would that be? i'm fairly certain the last time my mom made homemade cookies was during the nixon administration, but, of course, hers is better than mine.

b) it's become impossible for me to believe ANYTHING i'm told about my childhood.
for example, my father will say,"your sister didn't sleep through the night until she was 2.'
but my mother will say, "your sister was sleeping through the night at 4 weeks."

now, who to believe?
i'm much more inclined to trust my dad, since my mom tends to embellish everything just a wee bit. she used to say that my brother was toilet trained before he was two, but once i had a kid who was toilet trained before she was 2, all of a sudden my brother was toilet trained at 18 months. wtf? does she honestly think that anyone's buying that????
you can go ahead...
...and plant that big ole "L" in the middle of my forehead.

guess who showed up for her 7:24pm, 7-minute, parent-teacher conference on the wrong day???

yup. you guessed it. it was on monday night. not tuesday night.

"You mean Shepherd you broke my daddy's brain" aka Grey's Anatomy
~~My Bailey love knows no bounds. gaa!. telling her baby not to kick her during surgery. and telling George to tell off that family.

~~Izzie rocked it, "because it's what Jesus would freaking do."

~~aw, Cristina, i love you and your "I haven't observed religious holidays since I was old enough to know better" and, seriously, was there anything cuter than when she ran into Burke's bed. adorable.

~~loved the rally for "dirty uncle sal."

~~oh yeah, and He loves her! ah! about freakin' time he admitted it to himself.
Monday, December 12, 2005
let them eat chicken...
~~I'm so thrilled that Danni won. now she can afford to buy a sandwich. and i loved when she said that Steph and Rafe were the reasons that they were all on the jury.

~~this was the most incredibly boring three hours i think i have ever watched...the jury was boring, the trip down memory lane was boring as the way, who's brooke? or morgan? or brianna? they are all the same to me...

~~i think judd's a big ole ass, but when he called out Stephenie for always eating...right then, at that moment, i wanted to plant a big ole kiss on him. but, danni, skating? seriously? that was weak.

~~i actually liked Cindy's "Who wouldn't you want on the jury?" question, but Stephenie gave a really crappy answer. Cindy should have pressed her for a better answer.

~~and why did Cindy still have a mustache at the reunion?

~~oh...i loved Amy. and i still love me some bobby jon. and i doubt that it was teh jungle that made Jamie nuts. i think he does that all on his own.

~~and why is it that both danni and steph looked better in guatemala? they both looked like crap. and danni's lips? grody.
Friday, December 09, 2005
want the good news or the bad news first?
well...we'll start chronologically.

last night we had two couples over to have sushi (yum!) and to play scattergories. i'm such a nerd - i love board games. love them. almost all of them. and the husband will NEVER play with me. mostly because i always win. he probably got tired of losing all the time. well, last night i threw him a bone and let him win (ha!).

anyway, our company left at about 12:30...and lo and behold, at 1:40, we hear Bella. screaming. her. head. off. it wasn't her usual plug-in-my-paci cry, when she doesn't even wake up, she was howling. so, the husband watched her from 1:40-2:25, and i watched her from 1:40-3:10, when she fell asleep.

i know to most people this is normal baby behavior. this is not normal behavior for isabella. she NEVER does this. well...there was that awful Good Times marathon night in Atlanta....

the good news?
she slept until after 9.
so, so did we.

the older kids meandered into our room not too early-ish, itwas almost 8, i think. and the boy watched scooby doo in our bed while the girl played school and colored on the floor in our bedroom. THEY NEVER DO THIS. our usual morning routine goes a little something like this:

"I wanna go downstairs!"
"in few minutes, Emily."
"I wanna go downstairs!"
"Soon, Joshie."
"I wanna go downstairs!"
"I wanna go downstairs!"
"I wanna go downstairs!"
"okay, give me a few minutes."
"I was breakfast."
"I'm hungry."
"I want chocolate milk."
"Alright! let's go!"

unfortunately, we missed a bris because of this (sorry, Mia!), which i'm not too happy about. but at least i'll be able to make it through the day without being exhausted. which is a good thing, because we have kids coming over to play, i have about 17 loads of laundry to do, we have to go food shopping, we have to take the girl to a birthday party....and my mom is coming this afternoon. holy cow. i'm exhausted just thinking about it.
the curse of the car lives on...
~~would you have given up the car? i know it's easier to say when not actually faced with the decision, but what would you have done? i, personally, would have given the four other people the cars. for the very reason that once someone gives you a car, you will think twice about voted their ass out a few days later. each contestant gets money after the show. the longer you stay in the tribe, the more money you make. Cindy would have bought herself more time, therefore buying herself more money. that's just my 2 cents.

~~i liked Cindy...but i won't be sorry to see the end of her mustache and her hairy armpits.

~~i hope for Stephenie's sake that she doesn't make the final 2. who's going to vote for her? certainly none of the members of her alliance that she so casually voted out...

~~anyone surprised that Stephenie didn't win the puzzle challenge??? hee.

~~do you think the jury members planned their wiggles-esque outfits?

~~Danni rocks. i didn't love her in the beginning, but she's played this game really, really well. i hope she wins.
usually i enjoy the silences.
at the salon. at the masseuse. while getting waxed.
i don't like the annoying chatter. "how many kids do you have?" "What do you do?" and all that small talk.
i'd so much rather sit in silence and let these people pamper me.
there's way too little quiet in my life, and so i take advantage of these opportunities.

but, for my colorist Jodi at Donato, i always make an exception. i enjoy her immensely. she's part crunchy granola, part edge, and part softie when it comes to her son Wyatt. I love listening to her stories about her life.

today, however, was the first time i'd ever seen her un-perky. she had this nasty sinus infection that the walk-in clinic doctor told her wasn't an infection. and she left her husband. i didn't even know what to say to her. she's now a single mom. and her husband, who originally agreed to mediation, has now hired himself a lawyer and wants to take her to the cleaners. it seems the only thing he doesn't want from her is Wyatt. he asked for 2 days a month! could you imagine?? his son. he only wants to see him twice a month. how sad is that?
Thursday, December 08, 2005
Rumor has it...
Image hosted by

that this is a picture of Violet Ann Affleck.
real or not?
you decide.
methinks it's a big ole' fake.

the story is that it was taken by a hospital employee and then sold to a radio station.
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
well...blow me down!
Isabella likes her swing!
she has NEVER shown the least bit of interest and yesterday and today she's been all about the swing. so cute!
Tuesday, December 06, 2005
This is supercool...
according to, these are the celebrities that i look like:

Kim Basinger 67%
Juliette Binoche 67%
Julia Roberts 66%
Demi Moore 64%
Julianne Moore 62%
Janet Leigh 62%
Drew Barrymore 60%
Katie Holmes 60% not really buying it. but still cool.
via classically posh
sleepless days
so, isabella has decided that she doesn't like to sleep...oh, let's say between the hours of 8 am until 8 pm. well, i guess i'd be lying if i said she didn't sleep at all during the day. yesterday, she did manage to sleep from 9:15 until 9:25, from 2:50 until 3:10, and from 6:00 until 6:20. yes.

i know i can't really complain because she's sleeping all night. she falls asleep mommy rocks her to sleep at around 8, then she eats at 9:30, sleeps until 6, eats at 6, and goes back to sleep until she wakes up Emily wakes her at 8 am.

and i know i shouldn't complain because she doesn't complain. she doesn't sleep, but she's not unhappy. she plays, and screeches and talks up a storm. she's enjoying her new trick...grabbing toys and shoving them into her mouth. she chomps her fingers, her hands, her thumbs...whatever she can get in there.

but she's tired. she rubs her eyes until they turn red. i watch them roll back into her head. but nothing. no sleep.

it's almost like she's forgotten how to fall asleep on her own.
Monday, December 05, 2005
~~ celebrity bump of the day:
Image hosted by

~~celebrity plump of the day:
Image hosted by


~~celebrity frump of the day:
Image hosted by
2 beefs
okay...seriously...could the Packers be any worse than they are this year??

also...who decided that the palazzo pant should make a comeback? These were not even a good idea the first time around.
so...after finding out that i had both a sinus infection and strep (take that, Dad!), i got infected once again, but this time by Becca. since i'm a sucker for the meme, of course i'm doing it.

I'm supposed to post five random facts about myself, and then choose five more people to infect. But you know what? Becca had a better idea. Since this is a viral meme, she decided it was only going to get bigger and badder. She choose ten random facts about herself and chose ten people to infect. i'm not going for 15 people. no way. so, you'll just have to settle for ten.

1. my eighth grade class had 6 people in it. 6! three boys and three girls.
2. i have this thing about feet. i hate people touching my feet (loathe the pedicure). i hate being barefoot. ew.
3. my first kiss was the summer after 6th grade. i was 12.
4. i have this uncanny ability to quote every movie i've ever seen, even if i've only seen it once.
5. my sister's husband's brother Tim is in a band. a real band.
6. i am obsessed with cookies. chocolate chip. oatmeal. sugar. peanut butter. what have you. i love them all.
7. i have a serious phobia of vomit.
8. i don't take compliments well.
9. i used to be obsessed with basketball (until the strike) to the point where i had posters of michael jordan and david robinson up in my room.
10. i had red hair in my senior picture in high school because my friend becca and i used to experiment with hair color.

now, i'll pass this little virus on to these ten people:
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i continue to *heart* this show
~~Bailey - MamaBear!! loved her talking to the quint. "I don't do soft." and Cristina's hesitant, "Uh, sure, you were just talking to a patient."

~~Rosanna Arquette's storyline bored me a little.

~~i'm so glad that Alex wasn't able to fix Martin. it's much more of a realistic portrayal. and it was nice to see McDreamy share about the first patient he killed. makes me think he's just slightly less of an ass.

~~Burke and Cristina are adorable. I love the look she gives him when she's showing that she's taking steps (baby steps...but steps nonetheless)....with the key, and the toast. it's sweet.

~~loved the elevator scene. but, seriously, we need to get rid of Olivia the Syph nurse. stat.

~~best line? Olivia: I get queasy around leeches. George: Oh, really? That's not what I've heard. ha! i love Georgie.
Friday, December 02, 2005
it's the little things...
they like me at Starbucks.

i ordered my usual tall, non-fat, one splenda latte. and i paid my usual $3.10
and they gave me a grande. just like that.

they really like me.
or they made a mistake.

either way, i'll take it.
i'm giddy with excitement, but i'm blaming it on the extra caffeine in the jumbo-sized coffe i just drank :)
and like that...he's gone!
~~Judd has the worst memory ever. wasn't it just last week that he was outed for lying...and this week he dares to say, "i never lied once." idiot.

~~Jeff should never use the word "booty" again. certainly not while talking to lydia.

~~i'm still not sure what stephenie was thinking. why did she think this was a smart move for her? sure, it was super smart on danni's part, and pretty much everyone else's. but steph's? i guess she never has been the smartest bulb.

~~how's this for messed? Cindy has an identical twin named Mindy. Jamie has an identical twin named Ramie (what's a Ramie? is that even a name?). and Judd has an identical twin named Timmy.

~~why did Judd and Steph sniff their wads of cash? anyone else think that was weird?

~~and how come "one thing becomes clear" at every single tribal council? Jeff needs to come up with some new catchphrases!

~~lydia stirs the shit. much better than she does the pancake, i must say.
Thursday, December 01, 2005
today is a really good day
for two reasons:

isabella seems to be feeling better, and is seriously the CUTEST thing right now.
Image hosted by


my most favorite pair of jeans fits today. over my thighs. over my ass. over my stomach. yay! and i can actually sit down in them and be comfortable.

i couldn't be any happier.
well...maybe if it didn't have an emunah meeting at 1:30 in the afternoon today. how annoying.

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