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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
it's always in the details...
please...after Jonathan and Victoria losing last week for not reading their entire clue (we need two donkeys, two donkeys...) you would think that people would be careful to not let that happen...AGAIN. but, alas, we didn't say Lori and Bolo were the brightest. I admit, i will miss Bolo and his extensive mangling of place names...this week may have been my favorite...sar-eeka-laka (Sri Lanka). adidas ababa was good too. Lori scares me. but she's so eloquent - "this is tough when you have to pee."

loving Kris and Jon - and took great pleasure when they passed Aaron and Hayden...TWICE! i was happy that they took first place last night, winning themselves a trip to "romantic europe". Hayden, oh Hayden. "When you have a fear, the only way to face your fear is it". Hayden, here's a tip: Think, then speak.

I actually felt a little badly for Kendra. Ethiopia was coming back to haunt her by giving her a bad case of the pukes. can we say Karma? poor girl. and then she had to run. and Freddy? the Harey Carey glasses paired with the blanket of some sort that he was wearing (he must be taking lessons from Mary Kate Olsen...)..i have two words. oy. vey. but it did make me smile when he called Adam a "nancy boy" (granted it was in poor taste, but it got me smirking) and when he said "You are the master of pachyderms" - yes, despite the poncho/blanket...there's still much freddy love.

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