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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Okay...yes...I am still watching the Bachelorette...
yes, I'll admit it.
and i'm only slightly embarrassed about it...

Okay. first, she goes to meet John Paul's family in the country. and she's even got the boots to prove it. I don't know...there's something about JP that i can't handle...possibly it's the fact that his lips DO NO MOVE when he talks. or maybe it's the odd way he fills his light-coloured 80's style jeans. but, his family was the best of the four. at least in Jen's eyes because they like sports.

Then, we're off to Oregon, to meet Ryan's family. I couldn't help but snicker when all they talked about was their trip to Thailand. and i couldn't help but laugh out loud when they kept panning to poor Jen who was bored out of her mind. How dare they not talk only about HER?!!

Next, Jen went to Chicago to meet an entire family of Wendells. (cue the arrested development...c'mon, you know you're wendell...) scary. and not only did they all look and talk like Wendells....they were DRUNK Wendells (you know i just keep saying Wendell because the name makes me laugh). three sheets to the wind. the whole lot of them.

and then we're off to hottie', i mean Jerry's...hometown of Rochester. Okay, i'm sorry, but why are they even trying to add drama before the commercials. if you weren't in love with Jerry before, you certainly fell in love when he got all nervous and clammy about the secret he was hiding....dum, dum, dum dum....his mother is deaf. aw. okay...who's jumping on the Jerry bandwagon, now? huh? shame on you for thinking he was just a player.

tune in next week when Jen sends JP packing.

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