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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Preggo update - week 14.
Well, the first trimester is technically over and we move into the second. i don't really feel like it's over.

when i found out i was pregnant i became completely determined to do it differently this third (and who knows...possibly last) time around. i will NOT give in to every food temptation. i will NOT be a lump for 9 months and only exercise in the last month to induce labor. i will drink lots and lots of water. i will take my prenatal horsepill. i will drink lots and lots of milk.

well...let's see what i've been sticking to...i've gained 3.5 pounds. not bad, considering with Emily and Joshie i gained close to 10 in the first trimester. see, for me, the only way to combat all-day sickness was to eat. actually, with joshie there was no excuse, because i didn't feel sick. it's just because in my regular life, i diet and watch every ounce of food that goes into my mouth, pregnancy was a chance to eat whatever i wanted, whenever. and i did. so, this time, i'm eating to not feel sick, but i'm eating pretty healthily. trying not to give in to the crazy carb cravings. seriously, if i ate pasta for three meals a day, i'd be a happy, happy woman.

i AM exercising. visiting the gym about 3 times per week. not bad. not bad. big pat on the back for myself.

i am not drinking enough. there. i said it. every drink makes me want to hurl my guts out. i am now able to finally drink water again - but it has to be completely ICE cold.

i can not take my pill every day. i just can't. it makes me so sick. and just trying to get that sucker down is such torture. i don't take the smallest of pills easily - and it's such a cruel trick of nature that when my gag reflex is on the fritz (aka pregnancy) i have to take these pills that are the size of quarters. i'm trying. i really am.

ix-nay on the ilk-may. saturday mornings i can get a bowl of cereal into my stomach. barely. i'm hoping once the sickness subsides, i'll be able to drink more milk. until then, i'll just have to pretend.

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