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Friday, February 25, 2005
Survivor - aka "Ta ta Ashlee and your ginormous ta tas!"

okay, so i'm kind of glad for Angie that she proved herself useful on the tribe, but dude, the armpit hair? had i seen that in episode one, i would have given her hairy ass the boot. the girl needs to find some clothing, quickly.

and okay, i like Katie, but why the hell couldn't she swing on the rope? heck, even i can do that!!!

and Janu, the glasses? did you steal them from Freddy (of Freddy and Kendra fame)?

I heart Ian.

anyone else notice Bobby Jon's total freak-out during the reward challenge? it scared the heck out of me.

Apprentice - aka bring on the “mad props” and the “bling-bling”

what a big 'ole waste of my time. boring episode.

best line: “I played video games. I went to college.” - yeah, that says a lot...

and sweetie...demeaningful is NOT a word. i'll put it in my Apprentice mangled English dictionary, right up there with "Uma Thurma."

Stephanie's "Will work for shoes" t-shirt? I want it!

ha! Bren being the stunt-double for orville redenbacher. i love it!

anyone else catch the "trump rollin' in" rap. hilarious.

OC - aka "Eu-freakin-reka!"

this might just be as good as it gets, folks. Lindsay's leaving (yay), Summer and Seth (aw), and Sandy takes the high road.

Marissa: "You have my cell in case Caleb kicks and you need help counting your cash."

Summer: "You haven't seen hostile until you put me in one."

Alex: "Seth, are you here to fight crime?"

Julie: "Yeah, well I'll see your husband's fugitive ex-flame and raised you a lesbian daughter."

boys II men and oasis in the same episode. that might beat Ryan's "Open Arms" make-out session.

i loved this episode.

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