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Friday, February 18, 2005
The OC

oh, Seth. "I'm more of a fan of open ended unrequited love." i really wish that the two of them would just hook up already. how long are we going to do this "I'm over you/okay good" dance?
Lindsay's beginning to annoy the hell out of me. but, i did like her telling Caleb to go to hell! woo hoo.
and i'm almost embarrassed to say that Julie Cooper was my favorite this episode. she was downright evil, and she was perfect at it. and i liked Lindsay's line: "We should put up garlic in case she comes back."

The Apprentice

Well, Magna took the easy answer, massages and manicures, and Net Worth took a gamble on something i didn't think was going to work, but it paid off for them. and i must say, i was smiling.
"Uma Thurma"? did i hear that right?
best line of the night-The Donald to Erin: "Man, you are really good at feeding me lines of crap."
Michael was a good fire. he deserved it. i mean, come on, what an ass! "I only date Eastern European women." and "Seriously...if you're ever in Boston.."
i'm loving Craig. i honestly didn't know who he was until he put on the tiara.
i find this season mildly entertaining, but i don't think that any one of these people deserves to be the last man or woman standing. they just aren't good enough.

Survivor Palau

so much to say, so much to say.
let's take a moment to thank the survivor gods for getting rid of the "singing lunatic" Wanda as early as possible. i'm not sure i would have been able to sit through any more of her survivor ditties.
but, now let's take a moment to ponder why-oh-why was HotJonathan not picked?? Sure, he jumped off the boat, but that didn't stop people from choosing Stephenie (yes, it's with an e...). poor guy. When will they learn to keep the eye candy on this show?
i loved keeping the two teams on the same beach. they should have kept that up for at least a few more episodes.
and why...let me ask you...if there's a possibility that you may get thrown off the boat (since it's been done before), why wouldn't you wear comfortable clothing? jeans, stilettos, and dresses should have been a no-no.
i've got the official Coby-hate going on. he was instrumental is getting Jonathan kicked off, so i already hate him (he acted all Ami-like...argh). and he backstabbed Angie. plus, the pink mini-skirt doesn't do him any favors.
and Angie, dearie, are you listening? the bra? um, oy vey.
okay, i'll admit it. i have a little geek-crush on Ian.
i'm also feeling the Tom love: “a few people tried to wrangle me into getting the fire. That’s a loser job.” even though he is a FIREFIGHTER...

i think i'm going to like this season!

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