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Thursday, March 24, 2005
~~my HATE for James grew by leaps and bounds this week (especially when he started talking about Allah vs. HIS god. what an ass) so i was more than thrilled to see his arse get the boot. seems that he knows as much about making "secret knots that no one can open" as he does about "builing outhouses". i'm still not sure why all three didn't just vote for James in the first place...why did they need the tie?

~~oh, how i love Jeff Probst...bringing up the fact that James was trying to cover up his "bits" instead of trying to win immunity.

~~I heart Stephenie (especially after she kicked all the guys' butts in the reward challenge), but lying to Bobby Jon will only come back to hurt her at some point. mark my words on this one, folks

~~the puppet show made me snicker only slightly. i don't think BJ looks a thing like Jesus!

~~Caryn and Katie are useless. i hope they are the next to go from Koror.

~~a merge must be near. Koror will have to sit out 5 people for both challenges, and since they "can't sit out the same people twice" (as Jeff has reminded us for 10 seasons now), it's an impossibility, unless Jeff changes the rules on us.

~~I'm kind of liking Coby.

~~nice choice on the reward, Jeff. salt and alcohol. Diuretics are always good for the tired and hungry.

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