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Friday, April 15, 2005
Thursday Night Tv - Wahoo!

~~Katie still bugs. especially now that she's doing a whole lotta lyin'. how long do you think it will take before she eats Janu? i saw her eyeing everyone's food last night.

~~Coby? Honey? those were some mighty expensive donuts, buddy! one million dollar donuts to be exact. you NEVER jump off first.

~~Jeff is right, Ian. Yes, you are mildly endearing (except for the fact that you are slightly cross-eyed), but NOBODY wants to see you strip for food. Anyone else hoping that Jeff would strip? He looked extra good last night!

~~Is there anybody out there who doesn't think Stephenie should win this whole damn thing? she totally deserves it! How much do you love her? when she said "I hope I don't cry when I see them. They'll be like, 'What is wrong with this lunatic psycho?'" i was all teary-eyed!

~~I'm surprised at Tom's low tolerance for alcohol...and I think he was still drunk the next day when he was slurring his words all over Steph.


~~Ha! Chris cries! What a woman! and i about died when he said: "Losing seven in a row is the most insane experience in my life!" He did manage to keep his cool in the boardroom.

~~"He's a virgin and we're all sluts!" - how much do you ADORE Tana?? and when she said, "What the hell's this doing in my bed?" and there was zero explanation afterwards? classic!

~~interiorally and exteriorally...Chris makes up words...yeah, well so does everyone else on the show!

~~Alex = lazy-ass

~~I'm loving the tension between Craig and Kendra. I would love to see them go head to head in the final 2.

note: i didn't get to watch the OC yet...well, i saw the first 20 minute and then fell asleep. so, i will recap later :)

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