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Monday, May 30, 2005
Sunday Hell
watch seems to be habit-forming!!

so, to put it mildly, my daughter has a flair for the dramatics. that's putting it VERY mildly. so, we didn't really think twice when she complained that her eye was hurting her on sunday morning. nor did we blink (no pun intended) when she refused to open her eyes. the entire day.

so, at 11 am yesterday morning, the husband left me to go and do the Nike 10k run. i'm actually very proud of him. he has been training for this forever, and did it in 50 minutes, even with the cramp he got.

but, it meant that from 11am until 6 pm last night, i waited on my daughter the entire day. "Oh, mommy, i need a drink. i need a snack. i need to make." good lord, i had to carry her to the bathroom because she refused to open her eyes! and all of a sudden, my son has discovered that he's 2 and should be in the middle of his terrible two's. so, he complained most of the day as well. by the time the husband came home i didn't even want to talk to anyone.

i made him take the girl over to our friend jack's house (who has now been called Dr. Jack by our kids) and he said she's got a bad case of conjunctivitis. in both eyes. so, then i tried to figure out if i felt badly for getting annoyed with all her dramatics and antics yesterday...or if yes, i am sure she was uncomfortable, but was the blindness truly necessary??

this morning my questions were answered when she screamed the house down at 5, and woke her brother up.'s been a long morning and it's only 9:19. someone send help. please.

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