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Thursday, June 23, 2005
5 things I miss from my childhood are the rules:

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1. Angie at HomeGrown
2. MistressMary
3. Tales From My Tiny Kingdom
4. Busy Mom
5. I Write, Therefore I Blog

Next, select 4 new friends to tag: I'm officially tagging Becca, Jenny, Beth, and Gerah. but want everyone to do it! so, go ahead, take it!

Here are the things I miss:

1. I miss the first day of school. I miss buying the new school supplies - going down the aisles and picking pens and pencils and notebooks and agenda books and a brand new backpack. i miss getting a new outfit and laying it out the night before. I miss opening up a brand new notebook and starting to write. I miss starting fresh.

2. I miss seeing my siblings on a regular basis. This has become something we completely took for granted as kids. Nowadays, i have a sister in Nashville, a brother in New York and a brother in Dallas. We are all over the place and it's so damn hard to get together.

3. I miss camp. Camp was the BEST. No worries, an automatic tan, a summer away from your family.

4. I miss eating whatever i wanted - - and enjoying it - - without thinking about gaining weight.

5. I miss the lilacs. we had these gorgeous purple lilacs on the side of our old house on Clovernook in Glendale. to this day, whenever i smell lilacs, i think of the good ole' days.

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