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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
I think most people have their own distinct tastes in music, but they all seem to have one or two completely bizarre songs that just seem to speak to them. for instanct, the husband's music is very easy to catergorize. classic rock. he likes Aerosmith, the Black Crowes, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin....i don't think i need to go on here...but he LOVES the big-bandy "Fly My To the Moon" sung by Danny Aiello on the Once Around soundtrack. what? huh? Makes no sense, i know. but, he loves the song. he even owns this soundtrack, and it sits, in the basement, on a cd rack, among all the classic rock cds.

my taste in music is a little more all over the place, so it's harder to pick out the bizarre songs that don't seem to fit. i like everything from U2 to the Dixie Chicks, from the Rolling Stones to Norah Jones. If it's not too soft, or not too hard, i usually am a fan. I have mixes that have both Nine Inch Nails and Mandy Moore on them..

so, i've been racking my brain to see if i can come up with one or two songs that someone might say, "what? you like what song?" So, here's what i've come up with. I adore the song "Loving You" by Elvis Presley. now, it's not one of his big hits or even one of his well-known songs. but, for some reason, i love this song.

then, there's the song "At Last" by Etta James, which for some reason, i find to be the most romantic, sexy songs ever sung. i'm not really into jazz music. i can appreciate a good version of My Funny Valentine (think Harry Connick Jr...not Contantine Maroulis) but that's really where it ends for me. But, put on some Etta James, and i'm like putty. i just melt.

what about you? any songs that just don't fit into your music collections??

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