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Thursday, June 30, 2005
Preggo Update - Week 35
Let the nesting begin! I swear, i'm completely out of control. there isn't a room in my house that i don't want to clean up and de-clutter. i have big plans for after July 15th, so this babe better stay put a little bit longer. i have already organized the girl's and the boy's clothing into rubbermaid containers separated by sex, size, and season.

Yesterday i let someone fit me for bras. i'm so not the type to do this (since i can usually walk into lasenza and buy a $9.99 bra without even trying it on...) but i was getting so frustrated that every bra i tried on did not fit right. it was either too big in the straps, too small in the cups, or did this really weird, pointy-like thing at the nipple. so, ah, 140 dollars later, i have 3 bras that are absolutely amazing. they are petite fit. who knew they made such a thing??? aha! shorter straps! amazing! perfectly shaped cups that don't dig anywhere! incredible! today is officially the first day that i don't despise these gigantic beastly breasts!

i feel like i'm in the first trimester all over again. last night i fell asleep at 8:45. for the night. i was so wiped out. but then, i was up from 4:00-5:30 am doing nothing but trying to get comfortable. comfort and sleep can no longer be uttered in the same sentence. and if i hear the husband tell me one more time that i'm so hard to sleep next to because i keep moving, he's going to be spending the next 5 weeks on the couch.

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