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Sunday, June 12, 2005
Pregnancy Hell
I've officially entered it.

I'm almost 100% sure that i'm losing my belly button. it's not popping out or anything (which i know is a normal thing, but it still gives me the willies a little bit), it's just started to look slightly deformed and flat. ew.

i can no longer sleep. every position is more uncomfortable than the next.

and this urge to pee. it's come out of nowhere. but i'm feeling it. about 100 times a day.

and this thoat burn. i can't bring myself to refer to it as heartburn, since that's a serious misnomer if you ask me. the pain exists nowhere near your heart...but my throat is on fire. ouch. and all the tums in the world are not helping.

and this baby. i think it's got corners and sharp edges. it's like an alien poking and prodding me. and sometimes it hurts. and sometimes just seeing body parts popping out of my belly is just plain frightening.

i'm famished all the time, but there's nothing (other than chips and salsa) that remotely interests me and after i eat anything, i can't breathe and need to lie down.

still, i take some pleasure in the things that i can still do that most other 32-week pregnant women can not:

I can still tie my shoes.
I can still see my toes when i look down.
I can still shave my legs in the shower.
I can still wear high heels.
I can still wear my rings.
I can still wear thongs and vstrings.
I can still wear one pair of my prepregnancy jeans (mind you, they aren't buttoned and i have to wear my bella band...but it's a feat, nonetheless).
I can still not see one stretch mark (which is a result of good genetics more than anything, but i'll take it)
I can still enjoy the hot weather outside.
I can still take the stairs at work without getting too winded (the other preggos are all taking the elevator).

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