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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Preggo Update - Week 36
well, it happened.
i hit the 20 pound mark. just barely. but there it was. plain as day. i've gained 20 pounds.
anyone else remember when i said i was going to gain the same 24 that i gained with my other two??? yes, i'm right on track for that accomplishment. why one earth did i even try to watch what i ate during this pregnancy, if it was predetermined how much i was going to gain? so, this morning, i helped myself to a giant piece of chocolate chip banana bread....and i enjoyed every last morsel.

Doctor didn't have anything really exciting to say. baby's head is low, in good position. good size baby, good strong heartbeat. could be this week. could be a month from now.

i'm still getting lots of contractions. in fact, i'm having one right now.
i bought myself some red raspberry leaf tea. apparently, it's supposed to prepare your body for labor. i'm terrified of all those herbal labor inducers. the truth is, i'm ready for this to be over, but there's no way in hell i'm drinking castor oil to get this baby out! also, i'm looking forward to having some time off before the baby's i'm not all that rushed to get it out.

i've heard all the ways - - - black cohosh, blue cohosh, evening primrose oil, castor oil, sex, eggplant parmesan, spicy foods. I think, with the exception of the tea (and the maybe the sex), it will be au natural for me. i mean, why risk it? and knowing my body....none of it would work anyway.

but come back to me in a month, and will see how au natural i am.

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