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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
oh, baby
not as bad as i expected, not as good as i'd hoped.

first of weight gain this week. woohoo. something positive.

i pulled out all of the stops. i was so close to pulling out the tears, it's not even funny. i got all choked up explaining to him what sort of mental and physical agony i'm in.

so, in the end, he didn't even check me. argh. i could kill him. but he wants to send me tomorrow or friday for an ultrasound - biophysical profile - and then induce early next week.

he seems fairly un-optimistic that i will go into labor on my own. so, chances are good that he will be inducing me next week. thank goodness it's not going to be another 2 weeks.

it seems i've done a complete 180 in terms of how i feel. right now i feel great. i'm not going into labor on my own, i realize that, so i'm not going to stress about it. and i will definitely have my baby by the end of next week. yay.

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