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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
First Day of School! First Day of School!
after what looked like it was going to be a disastrous morning, actually turned into a fantastic first day of school for the boy (the girl doesn't start until tomorrow).

this morning i was getting dressed...well, not so much getting dressed as i was staring at my closet with tears in my eyes because NOTHING fits me...and Joshie comes running into my room crying his eyes out.

"What happened Joshie?"
"Jhoanne threw him off the couch!" Emily tells me.
"What? Joshie..what happened?"
"Jhoanne threw me off the couch and i hurt my hand." Joshie answered.
What? What? What?
"Emily, tell me exactly what happened."
"Well, joshie was playing with isabella and started to get rough and jhoanne threw him off the couch."
so, at this point, i'm still not sure what happened. and then Joshie shows me his thumb. his ENTIRE nail bent backwards and was bleeding underneath. no doubt he was in a lot of pain. but, there was ZERO explanation from Jhoanne.

****UPDATE - i did ask jhoanne about it, because i was slightly concerned. it seems it was an accident, and she was just trying to protect isabella at all costs. i really, truly don't think she would EVER hurt my children on purpose.

he's fine. and we were off the school.
Joshie had a great time. he played. he had snack. he loved the story. he liked his teachers. and best of all...he didn't cry once. or even look nervous for a single second. and as we were leaving he said to me:

"Mommy, that was fun!"
ah, that's music to a mother's ears.
this nursery thing is going to be a breeze!
pray for me that the girl is just as good tomorrow.

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