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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
my husband is sick...once again.
i truly believe that when it comes to being ill, men and women truly are at a mars/venus place. well, maybe not all men and women, since i know many a female who can't cope when she is under the weather, and many men who can just deal. actually, i really can't name any men who can just deal. that part i completely made up.

but, that's certainly how it works in our family.
yes, he is sick. his throat hurts. he's exhausted. his body is achy (mostly from running the Terry Fox run...and leaving me with all three kids...on sunday morning). yes, i get it. he doesn't feel well. i empathize and i feel badly for him and hope he feels better soon.

but guess what? i had the EXACT SAME THING about three days ago. in fact, i'm about 100% certain that he got this from me. fine, i didn't do the Terry Fox run...but 5 weeks ago, i did do the labor and delivery run...and methinks that beats the crap out of a 10k run any day, in terms of what it does to the body.

so, yes, when i was feeling sick, i did ask the hubby to take Isabella a little more than usual, and i did say, "i think i have strep" or "i can't swallow" about 3-4 times to make it clearly known that i was feeling under the weather.

but, did i stop doing my errands? no.
did i skip any carpools, even the ones in the pouring rain? no.
did i not make dinner because i just wasn't up to it? no.

my life DID NOT STOP.

the good thing for the husband was that last night - when we were both ready to hit that wall from exhaustion - we but Bella down in the middle of our bed, on her tummy (mostly to give her some tummy time, which she adores), and she proceeded to pick her head up and hold it ever so nicely, and then collpse her head down and fall asleep.

for 6 hours.
she slept from 9pm last night until 3 am this morning.
when i woke up and realized that all 3 of us had fallen asleep. with our clothes on. with the lights on.

so, i fed the Isabella and watched a really old episode of chicago hope - Jeremy Piven was in it (bald and hairy-chested, i might add) - then she peed on me, so i changed her, and then she slept until 7.

how did she know that this was what we truly needed?

and i know what you are thinking...i'm a bad mommy for letting my baby sleep on her tummy...

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