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Monday, December 05, 2005
so...after finding out that i had both a sinus infection and strep (take that, Dad!), i got infected once again, but this time by Becca. since i'm a sucker for the meme, of course i'm doing it.

I'm supposed to post five random facts about myself, and then choose five more people to infect. But you know what? Becca had a better idea. Since this is a viral meme, she decided it was only going to get bigger and badder. She choose ten random facts about herself and chose ten people to infect. i'm not going for 15 people. no way. so, you'll just have to settle for ten.

1. my eighth grade class had 6 people in it. 6! three boys and three girls.
2. i have this thing about feet. i hate people touching my feet (loathe the pedicure). i hate being barefoot. ew.
3. my first kiss was the summer after 6th grade. i was 12.
4. i have this uncanny ability to quote every movie i've ever seen, even if i've only seen it once.
5. my sister's husband's brother Tim is in a band. a real band.
6. i am obsessed with cookies. chocolate chip. oatmeal. sugar. peanut butter. what have you. i love them all.
7. i have a serious phobia of vomit.
8. i don't take compliments well.
9. i used to be obsessed with basketball (until the strike) to the point where i had posters of michael jordan and david robinson up in my room.
10. i had red hair in my senior picture in high school because my friend becca and i used to experiment with hair color.

now, i'll pass this little virus on to these ten people:
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