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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
oh, why yes, that is me... the new Robin Williams movie, "Man of the Year"!!!

my father in law told me that they were filming a movie at the "Y" today and that they were looking for extras. i decided to go and check it out.

i got there at about 11:30ish and couldn't find where i was supposed to be. suddenly i found myself in this actors holding area. all the people waiting there had been stamped and all had agents and had been there since 9 this morning. i was pretty annoyed that i was in the wrong place when some really really sweet lady said to me, "oh, they aren't checking. when they call the 10:30 call, just go." so, they called it (obviously way behind schedule) and i followed the herd of people into the gym.

we filed in and were standing around. out of the corner of my eye, i saw Robin Williams and Christopher Walken standing about 3 feet from me, getting their gobs of make-up touched up. ah! so cool! then they got on stage and Mr. Williams entertained the audience while the shot was being set up. he was hysterical...cracking lots of canadian jokes and poking fun at people in the "audience." they had to do about 15 takes of his "political speech" because he kept ad-libbing his own commentary.

finally, they got their shot and let us go.
oh yeah, i'm so cool.

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