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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Things Jack Bauer Won't Say
i've recently become a very, very big fan of 24.
i never watched a single episode for fear that i would get hooked to yet another show. i was right. i'm hooked. the good thing is with dvds, i can watch them when it's convenient for me. i can stay up all night and watch 6 episodes if i want to (i can barely make it through one without falling asleep every night...but just knowing i have the option is nice)

i came across this website today, and for whatever reason, can not stop laughing at this:
Things Jack Bauer Won't Say

1. "Everybody Calm Down...I brought enough Snackwells for all of us."

2. "If you put a gun to my head, I'd have to say Cloris Leechman was my favorite actor in Spanglish"

3. "More mayonnaise!"

4. "Who read my journal? Seriously, that's private."

5. (Aftering Injurying Himself) "Samson's cat...that smarts!"

6. "I can't believe Edgar has more MySpace buddies than me."

7. "I'm so bummed, I forgot to TIVO Skating with the Stars last night."

8. "Anyone see my troll pen?"

9. "Happy Birthday, I knitted this for you"

10. "Who's Djing at Liquid tonight?"

11. "My first puppy was named Snuggles and my 2nd puppy is name Sparkles"

12. "I want to be in charge of Secret Santa this year"

13. "Guys I just took this Internet quiz that says the OC character I'm most similiar too is Caleb, Ugh"

14. "These Ugg Boots aren't as comfortable as my last pair"

15. "I put some of my famous risotto in fridge, help yourself"

And finally

16. "Mr. President, can we just hug?"

it's actually not even all that funny, but i swear, i'm peeing in my pants from laughing so hard.

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