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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
A portrait of a 6 months
i can't believe my little angel is 6 months already. half a year. crazy.
i know that i've gone through this process two times before, but i had totally forgotten how much fun babies get at around this age.

isabella has grown so much in the past month.
not so much physically. she actually seems not be gaining as rapidly as she did in the first 5 months. she's getting quite long, and she's losing a lot of her chubbiness.

she can do so many things. firstly, she's sitting. she still has trouble playing with toys and remembering to keep herself steady at the same time...but she thinks it's a big joke when she falls over, so it's all good.

she's babbling away. mamamamama (even though i'm a smart cookie and realize that she's NOT refering to's still nice to hear) and she's a huge gurgler.

she doesn't laugh. well, at least not all that often. it's really hard to get her to give a good belly laugh, you have to work really, really hard, but it's completely worth it, because it's the most amazing sound in the world.

she manages to put anything and everything into her mouth. i mean everything. she's partial to small shiny electronics - - - cell phones and remotes are her favorites. but she's just as happy to gnaw on a purse or a shoe or a toy too.

today she drank from a sippy cup for the first time. clearly she's a genius because her brother and sister were about 8 months old before they could figure them out.

she's gotten herself into a fantastic routine. two hour nap in the morning. two hour nap in the afternoon and asleep from about 7:15pm until 6:15am and then back to sleep until about 7:30. (knock wood. poo poo poo).

she's still bald. :)

i'm so head over heels in love with this child. and she's so in love with me. the moment i walk into a room and she notices me her entire body seems to light up and she smiles and lurches for me. if i'm in the room, it's all about me. she doesn't notice anyone else. okay, fine, i'll admit it. i'm sooo loving that.

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