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Monday, March 27, 2006
it seems while i was getting back into my work routine...
some weighty issues have been flying around the mama blog world.
while i hate to jump on the Morphing Into Mama bandwagon (i've never been a huge fan of the gives me motion sickness), I wanted to post about it.

If you don't read MIM on a regular basis, I would highly recommend it. This post, the one everyone who is anyone is talking about, has caused quite a stir in women everywhere. like here, and here, and here, and even here. Wow, some very angry readers out there.

i, on the other hand, am much more outraged at how people have attacked poor MIM, than i am about her actual post. wow. her blog=her opinion. whether or not you agree with what a blogger writes on his or her post...there is NO reason to rip her to pieces. come on, people.

there are parts of her post that i agree with.
and parts that i don't agree with.
either way, i respect what she has to say.

yes, i do try to keep fit. yes, i sometimes go to extreme lengths to be skinny. (please don't judge me)
but, i don't think i do these things for my husband. i do them for myself.
do i think it's false advertising to go from a 120-pound girlfriend to a 160-pound wife? not
would i be upset if my husband was fat? upset, no.
disappointed in him? yes.
would i love him any less? never.
would i try to encourage him to lose weight? 100% (since i have - he's now lost over 10 pounds on south beach because i encouraged him to do it)

does this make me shallow? i don't know. i don't judge other people. i have friends who were thin and gained lots of weight while pregnant. i have friends who were heavier and lost lots of weight. i have friends who gain 5 pounds while pregnant and friends who gain 100. do i judge? no. what i think about other people and what i think about myself ARE VERY DIFFERENT things (what i think about myself is NOT based in reality, and i'm well aware of this). a person is a person is a person. no matter what the casing. fat, skinny, tall, short. whatever.

would the husband love me any less if i weighed 10, 20, 30 pounds more? of course not.
would he want me to be thinner? probably.
would be tell me? i don't know about this. i'm not sure. probably only if i forced him to be honest with me. which i do, on a regular basis.

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