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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Purim is a holiday that i loathe.
for those unfamiliar with's a rundown of events.

at night, the kids (and some adults too) get dressed up in costume, go to synagogue, and the kids eat candy.

the following day, parents drive all over the city delivering packages of food to friends and family. people usually make a theme for these packages, or shalach manot. people get quite creative. and kids eat candy.

then, for dinner, people get together to have a big meal. and kids eat candy.

noticing a theme here? all day long today people have been dropping their shalach manot by - each one more creative than the next - but my kids have gone candy crazy. each time someone came to the door, it sent the kids into a "gimme candy" tailspin that took too long to come out of.

also, I spent most of my day running around. finishing up my shalach manot, and delivering all over the city. i made 31 in total. 31! that's a lot of houses to go to.

i'm run down.
this holiday has wiped me out.

so, it came as no surprise as we were driving to dave and ahava's for our annual pot-luck dinner, that the nausea set in. i didn't really eat today - unless you count a giant coffee and 4 hamentashen (actually, it could have been that i think about it)

but then it really, really set in. enough so that i was sitting in the car, with a plastic bag in hand, in case of barfage. i can't even remember the last time i felt that awful.

so, i sent the husband with the three kids by himself. and i feel guilty as hell. i feel badly for him. but, then again, i just feel bad. and i forgot the challah. i was supposed to bring that along with the other things i was supposed to bring (the good news is that i managed to make everything else...). cripes.

i'm feeling slightly better...since i'm guessing that the two zantacs i took are starting to kick in, and i'm trying to flush my system with water...but that just makes me have to pee every 5 seconds. peachy.

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