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Friday, May 26, 2006
shoot the messenger, please.
i often wonder how my mother came to be the president of an entire organization. a very successful organization, to boot.
because, in many ways, she is a child.
she's scatterbrained.
and forgetful.
and inconsiderate.
need i go on? you know there's a story coming here, so let's proceed, shall we?

at the beginning of February, i visited my mother. february was what...3 months ago? almost 4?
i left a box at her house. it was all wrapped up and ready to be shipped. inside it included a baby gift for one friend, a baby gift for another friend, and a cookbook (said cookbook was given to my mother to deliver to a friend about 8 months prior to this event, but i'd since gotten over that.). the instructions were simple.

"Ma. I've addressed the box and sealed it up. you just need to go to the post office to drop it off."
"Sure, Ali. No problem."
lest you think i'm a moron and can't go to the post office myself - i live in canada, and just assumed it would be cheaper to ship from a US address to a US address. cheaper and quicker.

i thought it odd that neither one of my friends mentioned the gifts.
so, when my mom came to visit me in mid-april, i casually mentioned it to her.

"Ma. did you ever send that box?"
"Oh, i totally forgot. i feel terrible."
"Ma. the outfits aren't going to fit these babies anymore."
"I'm so sorry. i will send them the minute i get home."

you can see where i'm going here.
about 3 weeks ago...

"Ma. the box?"
"Oh. i didn't send it."
"How hard is it to drop it off at a post office. jesus, you can just take it to work and have your secretary take care of it for you. you have 2000 people working under you - surely, you can figure out how to get this done. i'm embarrassed now. and the clothing is NOT going to fit."
"here's what i'll do. i'll go out and buy replacement gifts and send them tomorrow."
"i think that's the least you can do."

last night.
"I didn't send it."
"It's the end of May."
"I know. i'm sorry. please give me your friend's phone number. i will call her and arrange to drop off some new gifts for the two of them."

honestly, how does this woman make it through the day?
who wants to bet when this will actually get done??

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