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Thursday, May 04, 2006
we have crawlage...
okay...not really.

she only did it once. and it was somewhat awkward-looking. she had one arm tucked under her stomach. and one arm straight out in front of her. then she used her legs to propel herself forward. i couldn't stop laughing at her. she must surely know that this is a lousy excuse for a first crawl.

do they have crawling lessons? because my daughter could use some.

they say that crawling is one of those milestones that not all kids accomplish. because children these days now spend so much time on their backs, instead of watching our babies learn to crawl, we mothers get to deal with things like flat heads and bald patches. (note: we didn't have a flat head or a bald'd have to have hair first to have a bald spot...)

the truth is, isabella doesn't NEED to crawl. she's a roller.
neither of my other kids were. no, the girl and the boy both were pretty late crawlers. Emily actually crawled at 10 months and walked 2 weeks later. but, they weren't big rollers, either. they used to sit up and point and kvetch and cry and scream until someone (usually me) would come to their rescue and give them whatever toy that was out of their reach.

not my bella. if she wants something. she rolls until she can get it. if she's at the wrong angle, she will actually shift her body so she's facing the right direction. it's hysterical to watch. sometimes it looks like she's doing a three-point turn. she'll have no problem in driver's ed. she's actually become quite the pro.

i've come to terms with the fact that she might never crawl.
and i'm okay with it.
but only because her waving and her cute little "hi" can blow any of those crawling kids straight out of the water.

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