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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Canadian Idol. what the heck (that was for you, baby) is wrong with Canada? no, seriously. Didn't the judges just get through telling Sarah that she had the strongest singing the entire competition??? and then BAM! voted off. does someone need to explain to these voters that you are voting for who you want to stay...not who you want to leave? come on, people, i realize that she chose a bad song. when you are singing Rolling best be choosing to sing something everyone knows. that way, even if you butcher it, people are singing along and don't really notice (ala Brandon). but Sarah?

Rock Star. anyone else praying for Zayra to be kicked to the curb?? my god, she's awful. and zayra? sweetie? that jetsons-style jumpsuit wasn't going to save that fact that you can't hit a freakin' note. Dana won't last long in this competition, but at least she's taking the criticism and working with it. not like Jill, the whore. she was humping Gilby a little too much for my taste. ew.
my top three: Dilana, Storm, Toby (with an honourable mention to Lukas)
my bottom three: Jill, Zayra, and Phil

Manorexics. Okay, so a few nights ago I watched Before Sunset. y'all know what i'm talkin' about. the Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy sequel that we waited about a decade for.
i enjoyed it. but i have to say, i was somewhat distracted by Ethan's manorexia. seriously. don't believe me? check it out for yourself.
here is Ethan, looking all scruffy and delicious (and all Reality Bites-esque. mmmm)in Before Sunrise:
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and here is Ethan, looking all cancer-patient and crackhead-y in Before Sunset:
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ps. now this is so totally random. remember when that whole thing went down with Ethan Hawke having the sordid affair with the Montreal girl. Remember? it's what broke up his marriage to the lovely Uma (Uma. Oprah. Uma. Oprah). Anyway...well, my sister in law Adina not only knows this girl, she plays baseball with her. funny.

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