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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
As promised.
the mega post.
let us begin my recap of my trip to montreal by trying to explain to you how freakin' adorable this child is:
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yes, yes. i realize in this shot, he's looking very George W. again...
it's just the things that come out of his mouth are priceless. seriously.

since i've got lots to say, i'll keep it to the top 4 things that made me laugh my ass off:
1. "Daddy! I'm getting hair on my legs! i'm becoming a daddy!"
2. "I sure love my headmuffs."
3. "Mommy, why is Emily eating her hands?"
4. "Are people made of wood?" "No, Josh." "Playdoh, then?" "No, Josh." "Then what the heck are people made of?"

alrighty, let's move on to the rabbit, shall we?
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sure, he looks all innocent and such, but this rabbit eats everything in sight. including barbie's fingers, which, as i'm sure you can imagine, did NOT impress Emily in the least.

Isabella was a little obsessed. all day long, "hi daddit!" she'd say, waving hi to Beamer. until he'd come close, and then she'd scream her head off!

i, on the other hand, was not. the first night we were there, i woke up, thinking Emily had rolled over on top of me (i was sleeping in a twin bed with Emily, with Isabella in the pack and play beside us). when i opened my eyes, i realized that it was not my daughter who was on top of me, but a little rabbit. just sitting right on my chest. i wanted to scream, but since i didn't want to wake my girls, and i didn't want to start up with the rabbit (i was nervous that he was going to get territorial and go nutty on me...also, i didn't want him to eat my shoes) so i just laid there. staring him down.
that was the end of me sleeping in Montreal. i was scared of a little rabbit.


it's funny. sometimes things are just meant to be.
every time we go away, i try, at least once, to get out of it. i don't like travelling. i'm a control freak, and don't like being out of control. and that's what road trips, and airplanes, and vacations are to me (although, i'd hardly call anything that involves me travelling with 3 children until 6, a VACATION). so, it's true for this Montreal trip too. i tried to back out several times.
it's not that i didn't want to go.
and it's not that i didn't think i'd have a good time, because i knew that i would.
i really like Adina and Manny, and always have a good time when i see them.
it's just a thing that i do.
but had i missed it, i would have missed the most random of randoms. my friend, who i haven't seen in years (i'm pretty sure that she's never met any of my give you an idea of how long it's been), happened to be visiting HER sister in law in Montreal on the same weekend. we had no idea.
Elana was one of my best friends - if not my best - in high school. I spent more time at her house in my four years of high school than pretty much anywhere else. We lost touch when i moved to Toronto and she moved to New York. lives, school, significant others, distance all got in the way. We stayed friends, but it wasn't the same. it was an email and phone call here and there. an update on what the other was doing.
it was so wonderful to see her. even though it was a tiny minute (well, it was a good 20 minutes) of my life, i'll probably remember it forever. i got to meet her husband. her baby. i can't even imagine when i'll see her next. but it was almost like a little breath of fresh air to see her. she looks EXACTLY the same as she did in high school. exactly. and it made my heart ache to be back there. in high school. just for a second.


also...a man fell on my ankle. i'm serious.

also...a man in a truck freakin hit my car. but he left a note, which i thought was VERY honest of him. because there's no way i would have ever left a note.

last but not least, we have friends who are the Montreal version of us.
their daughter is a month younger than Emily.
their son is a month older than Josh.
and their baby is a month older than Isabella.
we even have the exact. same. van.
freaky, i know.

we get along really well, and always get together with them when we visit. it's great for the kids.
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you didn't think i could post without including this adorable munchkin...did you??
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