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Friday, December 10, 2004
i'm late on my survivor, apprentice, and OC review...
...but only because i had to take my son to the apologies...


This is actually the first time i'm remotely interested in watching this season. I NEVER thought that Chris would be the one guy to make it to the final four. i disliked him from the start. but, he's been smart. I love how he sits back and watching all the female drama. He is in a good position. the swing vote - although, sometimes being the swing votes comes back to bite you in the ass. fortunately for him, he did what was best for him. he aligned with Eliza and made sure to say, "even if i end up voting for Julie, it doesn't change things with us" covering his bases there, and he voted with twila and scout, so he covered his bases there.

I'm all for seeing Eliza and Chris in the final two - they are the two i dislike the least.


The first thing i have to say about last night's episode is: bring back shirtless man-boobed Kelly, and take away the boxer-briefs too much meat and two veg showing Kelly. yuck. he was hanging out there way way too much.

okay, I think it should have been Kevin and Kelly as the final 2. but, it was so cleverly crafted. Trump booted Kevin first because he was dying for a Sandy/Jen screaming rematch. he loved every minute of watching each woman try to defend herself into the other final 2 spot.

props to Kelly for keeping his trap shut. smartest move he ever made. you could see him itching to speak up at some point.

i seriously HOPE he wins. Jen doesn't deserve it. and i love love loved when Chris told George that he was being overworked and that he and Pamela spoke to the NBA. did you see George's face when he realized that Jen was once again, shirking responsibility. she's not ready for this. she came across looking like such a dumbass when she met with the Genworth women. dumbass.


ah...once again...too much too soon. oh, yes, what happens...mix ups with all the relationships, but bada the end it all works out for Seth and flock of seagulls (except last night she had nice looking hair - big improvement i must say], Summer and Zach, Marissa and lawn boy, and Ryan and Lindsey. are we surprised? of course not. do we still love it? of course we do. the OC rocks.

I do like this all too predicatble clever little twist....Caleb is Lindsay's dad. ha! Lindsey and Kiki are sisters! double ha!

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