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Friday, January 28, 2005
1 part sore throat....3 parts kvetch....
yes, that's my daughter. she DOES have a sore throat, granted, but she was up complaining from 10:15 last night (naturally, she wakes up 10 minutes before my hubby has to leave for hockey) until about 6 this morning, when we finally got her to take some medicine.

i don't understand. my son will take medicine like it's candy..."mmmm...liquid sugar....give me more..." he loves it. not that i'm in the habit of drugging my child, but i know if he's sick, he'll take it. But, my stubborn daughter on the other hand, refuses to take medicine - of any kind.

we finally got her to take some...and afterwards..."hey, it's not so actually tastes GOOD." um, yes, Emily, that's what we've been trying to tell you for 2 years now... and miraculously...she's 100% better. fancy that!

anyway, let me tell you how nice it is when your nanny tells you that you "look pale." great. just the look i was going for. I'm thrilled that my husband is leaving me to go to vegas today. just thrilled. i am expecting mucho present-o when he gets back. (bath and body works is ALWAYS good...balance bars...surprises are good too...)

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