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Friday, January 07, 2005
Four for Friday
Q1: If you were given 100% control over the casting of a big-budget remake of The Wizard Of Oz, who would you choose to cast in the roles of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man, The Good Witch of the North, The Wicked Witch of the West, Uncle Henry, Auntie Em, and Toto?

oh my goodness, this is really really hard. okay, here goes: Dorothy - Natalie Portman, scarecrow - Eric Stoltz, lion - Tate Donovan, tin man - Ray Romano, good witch of the north - nicole kidman, wicked witch of the west - Megan Mullaly , uncle henry - Dustin Hoffman, auntie em - Ellen Degeneres, and toto - ?? (note: there's absolutely 0% logic in my answers, they were just the first people who came to mind.)

Q2: Do you buy bottled water? If so, are you loyal to one particular brand over all others?

i do buy bottled water, but i also drink from the tap. i am not loyal to any specific brand - but i don't really like aquafina or dasani - they taste too chemically.

Q3: You are next in line in the '12 items or less' check out lane at the grocery store, and just as you're about to lay your 10 items down on the conveyor belt, you notice that the guy behind you in line is holding only one loaf of bread. As a general rule, do you offer one-loaf-man your place in line, or do you continue checking out yourself? What if roles were reversed, and instead of being in an express lane, you find yourself holding only one loaf of bread, and the person in front of you in the checkout lane has a shopping cart crammed full with groceries. Do you ask the person in front of you if you can skip ahead of them, or do you patiently wait your turn?

i would definitely let the person go ahead of me. one item. for sure. if the roles were reversed, i would try to make eye contact with the person and look like i'm in ahurry, and hope for the best. i would NEVER ask. NEVER.

Q4: If fast food had no negative effect on your long- or short-term health, do you think you'd eat more of it than you do now?

i think i'd eat more fast food if it wasn't so fattening. that, to me, is the biggest force behind why i chose not to eat fast food.

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