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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
TV Talk this week
well, i finally got around to watching all the shows i missed this week.

People's Choice Awards
i don't have all that much to say about these awards...mostly because they are a complete waste of time. all you have to do is look around the audience and see who shows up to know who wins. let's see...who was in the audience...Ellen Degeneres (check), Renee Zellweger (check), Sheryl Crow (check) Will Smith (check), Matt LeBlanc (check), need i go on....

and is it just me, or is Renee Zellweger just about one of the ugliest looking people out there? and her speech? what the hell? she knew she was going to win...she could have prepared something so she wouldn't have looked like such a bumbling idiot.

i'm pleased that desperate housewives won. it would have been nice to see the other wives there, though (even if Bree is my favorite!)

Desperate Housewives was good this week, once again.
my two favorite lines were, of course, Bree's:
1) "Do me a favor, Rex -- please don't mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection."
2) "i intend to french the hell out of him."

and i really am liking Angry Susan.
anyone else think that mr. pharmacist is totally GAY? i love Bree's clothing way too much...enough so that i actually say it out loud when i watch the show...
i'm thinking that Carlos' passport would not have been in that good condition..but whatever...i'm not going to get picky on this one. maybe Carlos paid extra for a fire-proof one!

The Bachelorette
no promises that i will be watching the whole season...i didn't watch the last installment of the Bachelor, but i really like Jen and it seems that the Bachelorettes have better luck than the bachelors.

i must say i'm slightly surprised with some of her choices. she's obviously got some sort of soft spot for Ben the ski instructor----because he's super dorky. And Fabrice seems like a huge ass to me. and there's something about John Paul that i really don't like. and Stu creeps the hell out of me. i'm liking Jason and Jerry (although the carrying down the stairs thing was really weird...) and Michael (the one who brought her the present) was okay.

the promo for the season makes it look pretty good, but that could have just been really good editing.

poor David - that sucks to faint on National Television...and not even get a rose...i thought she'd throw him a bone just so he wouldn't faint again...

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