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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
4 continents, 24 cities, 40,000 miles
Well, fine...neither of my favorites - Kris and Jon or Adam and Rebecca won. But, at least it wasn't Aaron and Hayden. I'm actually kind of happy that she quit. And it doesn't surprise me at all that Freddy and Kendra won. at all.

things i loved:
~when Hayden made the baby cry
~when Rebecca told the cab driver that Adam had three testicles!
~Kris and Jon in the cab "CAN YOU PLEASE FETCH ME SOME WATER"
~the WTF look on Adam's face when Aaron proposed....i think we were all thinking the same thing (even though Devora and i were crying...)
~Adam jumped out of a plane and didn't give a shout out to his mother

things that annoyed me:
~Freddy's glasses....why does he have two pairs? Maybe his 500k can afford him something a little less buddy holly and a little more 2005.
~Kris and Jon getting on the American flight
~have you ever heard so much complaining about eating pizza? "Is it soy cheese?" "I hate tomatoes!"
~the freakin' train in their way to the finish line. i mean, what the hell?
~"He is definitely worthy of having my babies." ?!?!?!?!?!?! looks like Kendra wil be doing a little "breeding" of her own...
~Freddy and Kendra calling Adam and Rebecca "The little ones."

until march 1st, when we get to watch rob and ambuh take a stab at the amazing race, check out Jon's bar website :)

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