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Friday, February 18, 2005
Wacko Jacko Strikes Again...and other Friday ramblings..
~~Private investigator Ernie Rizzo, who was hired by the family of the boy who accused Jackson of molestation in 1993, has seen photographs of Jackson's genitals taken by cops in 1993, and he claims that because Jackson "bleaches" his body twice a week, distinctive markings on his penis are visible when he is aroused.

"It looks like a barber's pole," Rizzo tells PAGE SIX. "That's exactly what it looks like. The first kid and all the other kids who have seen his penis know that there are brown circles around it.

"If the second kid is allowed to testify, this will come into question," Rizzo predicts. "Jackson doesn't have [the skin-whitening disease] vitiligo. Debbie Rowe got him the bleach — she used to work for the dermatologist . . . There has never been any dermatologist who has come forward on his behalf to say he has vitiligo."

Needless to say, Jackson's spokeswoman had no comment. And all I can say is - (a very Summer on the OC-type)Ewwwwww!!!

~~ and what's a day without a new Mary-Kate photo:

~~and the funniest news of the week (lifted from low culture)

If Brandon Davis swallowed girlfriend Mischa Barton whole...

he'd probably look a lot like his older brother Jason.

~~ recognize this woman?

she's Tara, from team Net Worth on the Apprentice. She is also dating Matt Dillon.

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