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Friday, March 11, 2005
Must See TV...
Survivor - or "He's got some ass behind him."
~What the heck was wrong with Jeff Probst's face? I mean, i understand how all the survivors are peeling (Bobby Jon's got something truly nasty happening on his chest) but Jeff? He's not roughing it on Palau.

~James needs to cover his bits a little bit better. the boxer briefs just aren't going to cut it anymore. he'll also never be able to live down getting his redneck ass beaten by Coby!!!

~I'm in love with Tom and Ian. really.

~Jenn speaks! Willard speaks!

~Glad to see lazy Kim go. She was so useless, and looked too much like Felicity Huffman for my tastes. "It sucks to be on the team where people work hard"??? WTF?

~Loved Jeff being all in your face at tribal council.

The Oc - or "The Porn Identity"
~NOOOOO!!! please, please, please, do not allow Ryan and Marissa to get back together.

~Julie Cooper Nichol rocks my world. her scene with Alex was awesome. "You're this week's yard guy." and "The only person Marissa has ever loved looks a little different in a wifebeater." and totally 100% true. and she's a pron star to boot???

~Caleb - go back to being an ass. it suited you better.

~This episode was just "eh" for me. not great.

Apprentice - or "John is Officially an Ass"

~I'm not a huge Erin fan, but when Trump told her to shut up and she listened, pure gold.

~And I was a big Tana fan until she said words like "Diggity" and "Crunky". ha! and when she said, a MILF is a mom i'd like to f-f--ool around with, i almost lost it! and it was awesome to see Carolyn laughing at her. who am i kidding? i still love the big ole' dork.

~Crazy Chris is a loony. His outburst in the boardroom was hilarious.

~Gene Simmons. ha. he's super creepy.

~Um, is it just me or did Erin have ZERO personality on camera. I think Trump just wants to bang her.

~Kendra's saying, "Just no cucumber." BWAH! I'm on the Kendra love train.

~oh, and John, in your own words: "Thanks for coming out. Have a nice day. We have some lovely parting gifts for you."

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