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Monday, March 28, 2005
my a nutshell.
How does Easter weekend work in the states? i am slightly embarrassed that i don't even remember. Well, in Canada, NOTHING is open on Good Friday and NOTHING is open on Easter Sunday. That, for me, is a lethal combination. Sundays for me are all about running erands and getting things done. no errands were run on sunday.

well, okay, fine. there was one. i sent the husband to the superstore (the only thing open) to do our food shopping for the week. i gave him the list i had been working on for several days and sent him and the boy out. five minutes into the trip he calls in a panic. of course, i assume the the boy had an accident. no such luck. the men LOST my list. jesus. they lost it. after getting all of 2 things that were on it. computer paper and tylenol. so, i told him to wing it as best as he could. well, he winged it all right. and brought home about 1/3 of what was on my list. oh well....that's what you get for sending a man to do a woman's work...

so, we did a lot of hanging out. since i'm sick (yes, i have a nasty cold, and can't breathe when i lie down...and of course, since i'm preggo, i can't take anything. argh) and the boy is still sick (he's got insane wax build-up - - stop laughing, it's serious - - and is in a lot of pain) we stayed close to home. i swear, though, i if i have to watch Ella Enchanted one more time, i might have to shoot myself. i guess i should be thankful that they are over their Spy Kids 3 fascination.

i took the girl and her friend to see "Pooh's Heffalump Movie" (at least i think that's what it was called) - the girls were adorable and had the time of their lives. they managed to finish a huge gigantic popcorn and large pop. i couldn't believe it! and it was all good except for 15 minutes into the movie when Adina say that she had to go to the bathroom. and since i couldn't leave Emily by herself, dragged both girls into the bathroom. sheesh. that was a little crazy. other than that slight mishap, it was good times.

i watched a movie on saturday night that i really liked - The United States of Leland. I'm sure none of you have heard of it, but i watched it because Ryan Gosling and Jena Malone are in it - and they are awesome. it made up for the fact that two of the worst actors in Hollywood were also in it - Chris Klein and Michelle Williams. I can't decide who is worse...any thoughts?

oh, and i got sucked into a new show. great. i'm thrilled. just what i need. Grey's Anatomy. did anyone else watch it? i have a problem that i can't turn away from anything with Patrick Dempsey in it. i mean, really, he was Ronald Miller in Can't Buy Me Love. anyone who can do the African Anteater Ritual is aces in my book. and Sandra Oh? I mean, my god, she's great.

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