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Thursday, May 12, 2005
and I lived to tell about it..

well, the good news is that the Martell household is now officially stomach virus free. You can't actually see it, but I'm doing a happy dance, right at this moment :)

Yesterday was a nightmare. I spent the day in bed with season 4 of Sex and the City. Most women would think this was a blessing. a day off work with nothing to do but lay around and watch tv. for me, it was slightly different. whatever position I would put myself in to try to make my nausea go away, my pregnant body would reject out of discomfort. and whatever position I could put myself in to feel comfortable pregnancy-wise, made me feel like I was going to puke my guts out. a clear no-win situation. So, I tossed and turned ALL FREAKIN' DAY. I turned on the fan. I rearranged the pillows. I took a bath. but nothing worked.

so, today I'm feeling better. except I feel like I could use a 6-hour massage. no joke. my back is in really bad shape...and sitting at a desk all day is certainly not going to help.

I did manage to watch Anthony Federov get booted from American Idol. thank goodness. I think the final 3 is really great! I don't, however, understand why we need a half an hour show to give us 30 seconds of information. doesn't make any sense to me. what a waste of time.

On Tuesday, since it was our nanny's birthday, I wanted to stop and pick up some doughnuts on the way home. I know she loves them and I thought it would be better than cake.. So, I pull into Krispy Kreme and it looks surprisingly dead. as I drive closer I realize that the sign's down and the windows are all boarded up. The closed Krispy Kreme!! How could they? This is a pregnant woman's nightmare (even though i've only had one doughnut this entire pregnancy). I'm not happy about this. anyone know if the one by best buy at Wilson is still open??

Every so often I check out how people are getting to this blog. There were two google searches done that really caught my eye. the first was: manny adina gav blog. I found this rather amusing. all 3 of those people are my family members (I won't say who they are to protect the innocent :)) and not one of them has a blog. and the second was: adina gav britney spears. hmm...just funny I guess. whoever you are, I hope you like what you see and you keep reading...:)

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