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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
What Is It
about being pregnant that makes normally well-dressed people believe that they don't have to look good anymore???

case in point. my co-worker. she dresses very nice when she's not pregnant. she's got a great body and she knows it. so, what about being pregnant makes her think that the shirts with the ties in the back, and the flourescent colors, and the bows underneath the boobs are a good fashion statement? oy. and today she was wearing denim capris (which are quite cute, btw) as jeans, so they were pulled all the way down so you could see about 3 inches of the elastic waist band hanging out the bottom of her shirt. not good, i tell you. not good.

and as i sat in my Ob's office, waiting to be seen (appointment was all good - gaines 1/2 a pound in a month, heartbeat is strong, baby is engaged in it's full upright and locked position...well, i guess it's downright and locked position...) i looked around at the 3 other women who were also waiting to be seen.

the first person to my left was wearing chiffon palazzo pants. now i don't dooubt that these kind of pants are incredibly comfortable. but it's still no excuse. and the leapard print shirt was doing her no justice either.

the second person was wearing the maternity clip in the back. ya'll know what i'm talking about. it's that clip (that looks like what you clip your children's mittens to their sleeves with) that holds the back of the tent-dress together to give your body some semblance of shape. yeah, no, it doesn't work.

and the third woman. she was the one with the most potential. she was pretty and had a nice little pregnant body - one i wished i had. but, she was wearing leggings. with stirrups. okay...stirrups are for horseback riding and for nowhere else.


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