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Friday, July 08, 2005
My Kryptonite
there are a few things in this world that i hate to do more than kryptonite, if you will. i hate to call strangers. i hate to put away clean laundry. and i hate, hate, hate to ask for help.

so, imagine how thrilled i was to have to ask for help, not once, but several times at Ikea yesterday. for some reason, the husband decided it would be a great idea if i went back to get the mattress and the 8 drawer dresser that they didn't have in stock on Monday.

I agreed, only because i knew it meant that i got to go to Ikea by myself. oh, i so enjoyed it. walking around the place looking at all the little things i wanted to buy. i was actually very well behaved and didn't buy too much. but then i entered my own hell. the self serve area.

I had to get this guy to lift the two boxes for the dresser on to my cart. Then i got laughed at while i attepted to put the twin-sized mattress on the cart as well. then i got laughed at again while trying to push the cart to the check-out area. i don't blame these people. i'm sure i looked hysterical.

then, i needed to back my van up to the side of the building to load the car. i found a great spot that gave me tons of room to pull my car in. but, somehow, from the time i left to go and get my car, someone had pulled in right next to my spot, leaving me barely enough room to squeeze my new van (that i've NEVER backed up before) into the spot. yikes! i was sweating by the time i managed to accomplish this. but i did manage to do it! i was so proud of myself.

then, i needed to find someone to help me load the car. i figured out how to use my stow n' go seats, which have already paid for themselves. they are AWESOME. i highly recommend. then, i chased down this very bitter Ikea employee who helped me load the car.

sheesh. that may be the last time i'll be doing that.
ah...but in the end, it was worth it for the funky napkins, and the tea lights, and the ice cube trays :)

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