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Friday, September 23, 2005
like a pig in mud
~~anyone else at all upset that Rafe - - you know, the so-called wilderness guide who couldn't climb a freakin' ladder -- wasn't voted off, or at least on the chopping block???

~~best facial expression of the night...when Danni calls Gary a quarterback. you could see his despair. and you can still see her mustache. and now you can add scary, scary abs to her list of credentials. there's trouble afoot now that he's outright lied.

~~Love the way when Jamie was discussing the team's diversity at the beginning, he says "magician's assistant, fish monger, gay guy, landscaper". Apparantly, "gay guy" is now an occupation.

~~it's like these people have never watched's way way too early to get rid of your strong.

~~Lydia...she IS Mama Solis. i spent all last night trying to pinpoint it. ha! and i can't stop saying fishmonger. and was anyone else disturbed by Margaret's chest. ew. or Morgan's really really bad complexion?

~~all in all, NOT a very exciting episode.

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