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Thursday, September 29, 2005
yesterday was a terrible, horrible,
no good, very bad day.

putting it all into perspective, though, it really wasn't all that bad. especially since one of my best friends lost her uncle yesterday.

i made cabbage rolls for rosh hashana yesterday. it took 5 hours from start to finish. it's an undertaking that we jews would call "patchka" - meaning that there are lots of annoying steps. it's not a one dish, throw in the oven kind of thing. the last step of the project was putting the rolls in the oven for an hour. i had 20 minutes left on my timer when i had to leave to go to the funeral. i asked my nanny to kindly take them out.

my phone rang as the funeral was starting, but i turned off the phone. when i got home i saw emily's bag at the door, which i found rather curious, since she was supposed to have gone home with her friend Noam for a playdate. and i was surprised to see that no one was home, and that my cabbage rolls were burnt to a crisp. charred, more like.

i picked up my messages. the first was from emily's school. she's okay, in the office, got left at school. great. the second was from the husband telling me that jhoanne picked her up and took her to her playdate. no trauma. that's good news.

then, when i went to pick her up from Noam's house, i had to witness Noam's baby brother vomiting. and not baby spit up. actual puke. that his mother caught. in her hand. and then smelled her hand and said, "hmm..smells like puke." hmm...smells like i'll be getting out of your house asap.

the boy is sick. just a cold. but he's snotty and whiny and tired and not easy to deal with when he's sick. and the husband wasn't coming home until after 10. and isabella decided to cry from 6:30 last night until 10:04. great. that made putting the kids to bed an adventure. it took about an hour. neither one of them was willing to cooperate. fantastic.

today seems to already be a much better day. even if i'm still worried that emily will get sick from noam's brother. even though i'm still not happy that my cabbage rolls are burnt. even though i don't have any eggs and need to run out and get some. it's still a much better day. :)

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