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Thursday, December 22, 2005
going apeshit
okay, i'll admit it. i didn't really want to see King Kong.
it was the same as with lord of the rings, really (so it's somewhat funny that they are both Peter Jackson movies). not exactly my style of movie, but i was interested in seeing moviemaking history. does that make any sense? i was interested in seeing the special effects. additionally, i feel that it's one of those "need to see" movies. you know the kind that when you say, "oh, i haven't seen ___" the person's mouth drops to the floor and as they are picking it up off the pavement say, "you haven't seen _______??!!?!?!" in complete and utter disbelief.

we went to see it last night with sharon and zvi and aaron and adrienne. just a funny side story. aaron had gone to see harry potter on saturday night and bought a huge bucket of popcorn that gave free last night he brought the bucket back to get a refill. adrienne kept calling him a loser, but i really thought it was a brilliant move. i'm thinking of borrowing it from him the next time i see a movie :) thoughts on the movie. Jack Black. meh. to me, he will always be Ned Shneebly. Naomi Watts was fantastic. really, really great. and Adrien Brody...well, he's always aces for me. Oh, and about halfway through the movie i told the husband that Jimmy looked exactly like the Billy Elliot kid (i was right) and zvi said that the one-eyed man was Gollum (he was right too).

okay, this movie, scary as hell! going in, i didn't realize that this was the case. i thought it was about a blonde and an ape and the empire state building (obviously, i have not seen the original). dinosaurs? no one told me. secret islands? big, gigantic bugs? scary natives? i didn't know about any of these things. king kong was the least scary thing about this movie.

even without seeing the original, though, i did manage to catch the discussion of getting Fay to be in the movie. but then, Tom Hanks' son (that's how i'll always think of him) says that she's busy doing something for RKO and Cooper. that's Fay Ray, the original King Kong blonde and the movie she was doing was making Kong for RKO. funny, that.

i found it a little long at times. but, in the end, i enjoyed. and was thankful that i finally dragged the husband to a movie that he liked. he's notorious for hating everything.

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