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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
a crappy end
to a really good few days.

we left Mont Tremblant at about 4 pm, with a short stop in Montreal to drop off Adina and eat dinner. there was no reason that we shouldn't have gotten home before 11, or 11:30 latest. what happened, in the end, was that we walked in the door at 2:45 am, but i'm jumping ahead.

a couple hours in we hit the freezing rain that we had heard about. not too threatening...just meant that we needed to go a little slower and be a little more cautious. we also realized, at this point, that we had left the bag that had my dinner and the baby's formua in montreal. so, no dinner for me...or for the bella. great.

a little while later we noticed that on both sides of the road, all the trucks had pulled over to the side of the road. some had even turned their engines off. we were moving, slowly, but we were moving. until we came to a halt.

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it might be hard to see, but i took a picture of all the trucks at the side of the road. it was super eerie. we decided to turn our engine off...and i attempted to nurse the screaming baby...who wanted NO part of it. she eventually fell back asleep, thank goodness and we were on our way again..inching.

we had no idea what was going on...we didn't know if they'd closed the highway, if there was a huge accident somewhere, if the roads were just too slippery to drive. all we knew was that it was going to be a LONG night.

we inched past a huge truck stuck in the ditch, turned on its side...and got scared. we started wondering at what point we would pull off the road and find a motel somewhere. i, of course, didn't like either option. i just wanted to go home. and go to sleep.

finally, a few trucks began picking up speed and barrelling past us. we figured if the trucks were moving, we could move too...and that's just what we did. and made it home at 2:45. sheesh.

now...this morning, things didn't get any better. i raced to get the baby ready for her 10:00 pictures. got there at EXACTLY ten...and waited...and waited...and waited....there was no one there. i re-checked my slip of paper and confirmed that, yes, i was there at the right time, on the right day. so...we waited some more...and bella had an explosive i changed her right on their bench. at this point, i was so peeved that i really didn't care if it wasn't appropriate. we'd passed that point at 10:30. at 10:45 this guy showed up to tell me they were running a little bit, ya think??

so, i left my name and number and even so obnoxiously said, "i hope at the very least that i'll be getting a free photo session out of this. i've been waiting for almost an hour...and you can't really do that with kids." (it helped that isabella began screaming...something she so rarely does! yay bella!) and i walked out. and cut the hell out of my knee. it's bleeding now. and i'm so annoyed. and so freakin' tired.

good times, i tell you.

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