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Monday, January 30, 2006
I'm it!
been tagged by Mandi.


Four jobs I’ve had in my life

* Editor/writer/profreader/copy editor/researcher/etc
* mommy to my kiddies
* camp counselor
* office manager at Ketubah Ketubah - - - my first REAL job.

Four movies I can watch over and over

* Dirty Dancing
* The Breakfast Club
* Back to the Future
* Almost Famous

Four places I have lived

* Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Skokie, Illinois
* Jerusalem, Israel
* Toronto, Ontario

Four TV shows I love to watch (only 4?)

* Grey's Anatomy
* The Amazing Race
* 24
* The Sopranos

Four places I have been on vacation

* Aruba
* Greystone Inn, Lake Toxaway, NC
* Bahamas
* Barbados

Four of my favorite dishes
* sushi
* chicken fingers (i know, i've got VERY fancy taste!)
* cereal
* mmm...incredible grilled eggplant sandwich...

Four websites I visit daily

* ebay
* superficial
* (i'm a little embarrassed...)
* mediajobsearchcanada

Four places I would rather be right now

* anyplace warm
* atlanta
* anyplace warm
* Hawaii (i've always wanted to go there...)

Four bloggers I am tagging

* Tree
* Gerah
* Becca
* Beth

I'm a displaced American writer, mom, and wife living in Canada who muses about my life, my kids, my tv watching and my slight obsession with celebrities.
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