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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Those racy disney films
every time i'm in the states i love to watch "I love the 80's" on VH-1. it's something that we don't get up here in canada, and i adore 80's pop culture. this past week, i watched an episode of "I love the 90's" which, unsurprisingly, was satisfying as well.

The episode was 1996, and the topic was The Little Mermaid.
during the wedding scene the minister had a giant erection.
Image hosted by
it might be hard to see, but it's there. oh, it's there.

it got me thinking....are there any other naughty references in disney films???
after doing some research, it seems there is some:

apparently, in Aladdin, there is a scene where Aladdin is standing on princess Jasmine's balcony and shooing away her pet tiger. If the volume is turned up loud enough you can hear Aladdin say, "Take off your clothes." Disney denies knowledge of the voice and does not know how it got into the movie.

In the Disney movie The Rescuers Down Under, one of the early scenes has the mouse detectives Bernard and Miss Bianca flying on their tour guides Wilbur's back through city buildings. In one of the windows they pass by there is an image of a naked woman.

Image hosted by

The letters S-E-X are formed by a swirling cloud of dust in The Lion King. it's hard to see, and you may have to turn your head to the left, but it's there.

Image hosted by

well...they claim that it's the minister's knee poking out, and that Aladdin doesn't tell anyone to take off any clothing, and that the s-e-x is actually s-f-x, put in there by the animation department.. they claim...

but, disney takes full credit for the rescuers one... the two "topless woman" frames have reputedly been present in the film ever since its original 1977 theatrical release (a fact apparently confirmed by Disney, whose spokesperson said that the tampering "was done more than 20 years ago"), although Disney claims that they were not included in the 1992 home video version because "it was made from a different print." Disney also claimed that the images were not placed in the film by any of their animators, but were inserted during the post-production process. The company decided to recall 3.4 million copies of the video "to keep our promise to families that we can trust and rely on the Disney brand to provide the finest in family entertainment."

hmm....i still don't think that's a knee.

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