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Monday, February 06, 2006
holy shit! aka Grey's Anatomy
~okay....that was the best thing i've seen on television in a really, really long time. when that white screen came up at the end, it was only then that i realized i had been holding my breath. insane! how on earth am i going to wait until next week to see this conclude? and yes, yes, i understand that this show=not realistic. but grey's is NOT about the bomb. it's about the interpersonal relationships. the bomb is secondary. and yes, we know that Meredith is not going to die. but i'm still crapping in my pants, nonetheless...

~Dr. Milton? what an asshole! i can't believe he left her like that...although as soon as he started talking about the pink mist, i knew it was coming. Christina Ricci was awesome, i thought.

~I actually liked Addison for the first time this week, even if she did take Meredith's Mcdreamy, her Mcdog and her McLife...:)

~I swear, when George was all "Bailey's back!" and hugged her I was right there with him. yay for Bailey. yay for Bailey's water breaking on George's shoe. Boo for Bailey's husband and her having to have her baby alone!! my heart will break if her husband dies. best line of the night: "Can you get me a new vagina?"

~I loved when Alex screamed back in the lady's face. I giggled.

~"I'm horny, I'm half-naked, and I'm saying 'yes'. Are you going to stand there talking about metaphors or are you literally going to take your pants off?" Izzy is certainly a do-er now!

~I loved it when McDreamy told the bomb squad guy that he wasn't afraid of the Chief but that he was afraid of Dr. Bailey. ah and McDreamy and Burke's conversation about calling each other by their first names...adorable.

~I think i'm going to watch it again now. i can't believe i have to wait an entire freaking week....

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