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Monday, February 20, 2006
why i like being with my sister
she: if perchance there is a heaven, i'm going there.
me: you think the philadelphia cream cheese lady will be there?
she: with her manservant? totally.
me: yeah
she: and maybe fabio will he there too.
me: fabio?
she: oh right, he didn't do the cream cheese
both of us, at the same time: he couldn't believe it wasn't butter.
me: well, maybe that earned him a spot in heaven too.
she: you never know.
me: you never know.

So, isabella and i are set to leave in a few hours. the weekend was actually quite nice, but both my sister and i decided that we have a maximum 2 day limit with my mom before we start cringing at everything she says.

mom: oh, Izzy, you are so cute.
me: why must you call her Izzy?
mom: people are going to call her whatever they want to, just wait until she goes to school.
me: but mom, i specifically said when she was born that you are welcome to call her anything you want. anything BUT Izzy. so, why is it that you chose to call her the ONE name i despise?
my sister: i think she does it just to get a rise out of you.
me: i'm not angry, i just don't understand.
mom: well, we do what we have to do.

what? she's insane. we do what we have to do???? yes, i have to get on an airplane this afternoon and go home to the land of normalcy.

okay...and also? isabella's room has been an icicle. like seriously? she's been waking up with hypothermic hands. it's so sad. the poor girl. this morning we found out the reason. one of the windows in her room was OPEN! open. it's like negative 30 degrees outside.

me: it's kind of funny that you figured this out the day we are leaving, huh? would have been nice to have been able to fix this on friday.
mom: well, she's fine.
fine? hypothermic hands = not fine to me.

Isabella, despite the fact that she's not sleeping AT ALL while she's here, has been a doll. she's been perforning like a true...well, like a true emily. rolling. giggling (and remember, she doesn't like to giggle) her head off. talking up a storm. she's been impressing everyone.

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